Let me ask you a question.


Did you notice what happened?

Did you notice that you gave me your full attention for that split second?

That is called the power of QUESTIONS. If you ask, people listen.

Now, that is actually an example of this greater marketing concept called reciprocity.

According to Wikipedia

Reciprocity in social psychologyrefers to responding to a positive action with another positive action, rewarding kind actions. As a social construct, reciprocity means that in response to friendly actions, people are frequently much nicer and much more cooperative than predicted by the self-interest model; conversely, in response to hostile actions they are frequently much more nasty and even brutal.

Yes, what goes around comes around, like a boomerang.


Now, if you are reading this blog, you probably know by now that, more links mean more traffic.. and thus more customers and more money.

(This is the basis behind SEO, or search engine optimization.I though I may use SEO tricks, I don’t really DO SEO).

Often times, people do all kinds of SEO stuff.. like outright asking people to link to them.

Problem is.. this type of self promotion doesn’t work …why?

It’s all about YOU YOU YOU.

No one wants to be in a one sided conversation.


Give First, Ask Later

If you want to gain people’s trust, you have to first GIVE them something without expecting anything in return.

So how do you get someone influential to link to you?

Link to them FIRST.

Why? As the old saying goes… “flattery will get you everywhere”.

People LOVE talking about themselves. People love it even MORE when you talk about them to YOUR audience.

If a person of influence sees that you are talking about them and sharing their posts with YOUR audience, you immediately get their attention.

Create flattering post with a title like “Top X Must Read Blog Posts for Y People”, then you surely WILL get in their radar… and if you tell them (i.e. tweet to them) about it, you will most likely get a re-tweet or even a link for their blog.

Here’s one I did for marketers: top 6 must read for marketers.

When I tweeted, the authors sure gave me some tweet love:


BUT……….. this can get REAL time consuming.

Imagine, you read bunch of awesome posts and want to create a “top 10″ post that links out to 10 other blogs. You gotta

  1. get the title
  2. download the preview image (because preview image increases engagement rate and lower bounce rate), resize it to a correct dimension,
  3. if the preview image doesn’t exist, show something … like a screenshot of the page
  4. create a link to the post
  5. search for twitter handles for you to Tweet to

Imagine that you have to do that 10 TIMES (i.e. 10 posts that you wanted to link to).

If one post takes you 3-6 minutes of work, this can mean an 1/2 an hour to an hour of your life that you have to invest.

That’s why I wrote the Twitter LinkBait Post Creator plugin.

What is a linkbait? Basically a “bait” (i.e. a reason) to get people to link to you.

This (and other linkbaiting) is an incredibly powerful way to get influencers to tweet about your post, and eventually build your own following.

Here’s how you work the plugin (after you download & install it).

Step 1: Curate the Content

Get the URLS of the pots you want to promote.

Sorry. You can’t automate this.

You have to actually READ the posts and see if they’re worth promoting to your people. Usually you can get the “post worthy” blog posts just by following the posts of the Twitter users you follow / admire / want to get tweets from.

Step 2: Create a Twitter Linkbait Post


1) Go to “Posts => Promote”
2) Enter the title of the post that links OUT to other posts
3) Enter the URLs to promote (one per line, no HTTPS posts please).

For each of the URLs posted, the plugin will parse the HTML and fetch the

1) Title
2) Description (either meta description or og:descripton)
3) Preview image (either image_src or og:image in html head), upload to your media gallery, and resize accordingly. If no preview image is specified in the header, then a screen shot is generated instead via ImmediateNet.

Then it will create a nice sexy post compilation, like this: http://www.freshsupercool.com/top-10-must-read-for-marketers-nov-4-2013/.

Step 3: Tweet the Post to the Authors


The plugin will look for ALL twitter handles associated with the posts, so that you can send them a tweet about it. (Don’t forget to ask them to retweet).

Unfortunately it looks or ALL twitter handles listed on the page, even if they might not be associated with the post. SO I suggest you look at the post and see

1) Twitter handle of the author
2) If the post is a guest post, Twitter handle of the one who owns the blog

Download & install the Twitter LinkBait Post Creator plugin for wordpress.