There’s an extremely easy way for you to get thousands of Twitter followers over a short span of time – you could just buy them. But there are two (if not any more) problems with that – first, buying followers will do nothing to improve engagement and second, there are tools that can detect whether you’ve spammed your own account with fake followers.

As a smart businessperson, we’re guessing that you’re just as unimpressed with the buying tactic as we are. Now, here are a few tips that can help you get genuine followers for free, and need we remind you that taking the slightly more challenging route is also better for your business’ reputation?

Focus on subjects that are relevant to your business

One of the objectives of being part of a social media community such as Twitter is to stay abreast of trends and developments within the industry that you are a part of, while also contributing to the myriad of information that is out there. If you have to stay relevant, you must stay focused. Make sure that your tweets revolve around your line of business. When it comes to Twitter, or any social media platform for that matter, it’s okay to cast a wide net, but it’s important that you do so in the right sea.

Let the Bird perch on your site

If you still don’t have social media widgets on your website, you should have them added right away. Widgets make it easier for your website’s visitors to follow you on Twitter and other social media platforms. And considering that these visitors would be following you voluntarily, the rate of engagement in the long run is bound to be higher.

Get listed on Twitter directories

Twitter directories are the yellow pages of the virtual world. They help individuals and businesses who share similar interests find each other. For example, twibs is a directory of businesses that have a Twitter handle. Twellow, and twitaholic are few other directories that you should consider getting listed on to add followers.

Post exclusive content

A survey conducted by Pew Research in September 2014 revealed that 52% of online adults (aged over 18 years) in the US use two or more social media accounts. The number of multiple-platform users is on the rise compared to the figure in 2013, which stood at 42%. This implies that sharing the same content across platforms will make you redundant with your audience. Share exclusive content on each social media platform and your target audience will feel incentivized to follow you on all of them.

Measure performance

In a survey conducted by the Social Media Examiner in 2014 92% of the marketers admitted that social media was important to their business. However, another infographic on Statistaindicates that 45.1% of the respondents find it challenging to measure results and ROI on Twitter. Although analytics involves some number crunching, you should aim to master it since it reflects the bottom-line of your Twitter campaign.

There are a few more tips on getting twitter followers fast, but the ones listed above should help you get started. Try these suggestions out and share your experiences in the comments below.

Image credit: mkhmarketing via flickr

This post was originally published on the DrumUp Blog.