Four Ways to Get More Bang From Your twitter buck with twitter marketing tips

Are you getting a measurable ROI from your Twitter marketing? Are you struggling to connect with your Twitter connections in a meaningful way?

Signing up for a Twitter account for your business is only the beginning. One of the most important elements of success for a Twitter business account involves formulating a viable plan of action. Doing so allows you to concentrate on the types of activities that will let you see the results that you are after.

Here are 4 Twitter marketing tips that will help you get more bang from your Twitter marketing buck.

1. Send Connections to Your Website

If you don’t send your Twitter connections to your website, you won’t convert leads into sales.

Twitter is an efficient way to discover clients and customers on an ongoing basis. For the best results, however, you need to have a top quality website with effective calls to action that you can direct those users to in order to close the sale.

Pay attention to the types of conversations that your customers are already having and add to them in a meaningful way. Once you’ve established a connection, you can direct those users back to your website to find out more information and make them an offer.

2. Be Insightful

One of the most important Twitter marketing tips involves building up your brand using the social media network. The absolute best way to get people on Twitter to ignore you, however, is to repeat only what others are saying and to fail to add any insightful comments of your own to ongoing conversations.

If you see two customers discussing a problem that they’re having on Twitter, pop into the conversation and offer a solution. Doing so is a great way to promote you and your company as an expert in the area.

When Twitter users start to see how insightful you’re being, they’re more likely to share your future comments with all of their respective followers. Your brand penetration will then begin to grow in an organic way.

If you want to be retweeted you should say something that other people want to distribute, preferably something that makes them look more interesting or insightful for sharing. – Alexia Tsotsis,

3. Don’t Focus (Solely) on Numbers

When you sign up for a Twitter account for your business, it can be natural to want to achieve as many followers as possible. When you see a celebrity with millions of followers, you can naturally start to see dollar signs in your head.

It’s easy to forget that the total number of followers that you receive on Twitter isn’t necessarily going to translate into an identical number of sales. Don’t focus on the total number of people who are following you, focus on getting the right people to follow you.

Take the time to learn more about the types of people you’re interacting with on Twitter. Every time you get a new follower, take a few seconds to learn more about what makes that person tick. Find out how they fit your current brand profile if they do at all.

Be sure to interact directly with the people who are following you and get conversations going. Those are the types of methods that you can use to start seeing very real results using one of the biggest social media networks on the planet.

While it’s true that having many followers is an important part of Twitter success, it isn’t the only part. You need to attract the attention of people who have a genuine interest in the product you’re selling or the service that you’re offering.

4. Be a Leader, Not a Follower

Because Twitter has such a massive user base, it can be difficult for businesses to stand out from the crowd. You need to focus on getting the attention of the site’s users. Only then will you be able to turn that attention into the types of sales that you’re after. twitter hashtag

In order to do that, you have to stop worrying about getting conversations to come to you and instead go to the conversations themselves. Use hashtags and other search tools to find topics that your clients are interested in and engage with them.

Do you have other Twitter marketing tips that you’d like to share? We’d love to know what is working best for you. Add your thoughts in the comments below.