killer tweet blog header final Four Aspects of a Killer Tweet

On the surface, Twitter appears to be an easy social media platform to learn. People might think that the 140 character limitations means Twitter is easier compared to social media networks like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Not necessarily.

There’s no doubt that Twitter is different from other social networks, but that doesn’t make it any simpler. At Curve, we believe that putting thought into your tweets will lead to higher engagement, clickthrough rates, and Twitter followers. To help you get started, here are four common aspects of a killer tweet.

1. Keep your tweets short

It goes without saying that people skim through their Twitter feeds without reading everything, so you need to make your tweets short and digestible. If possible, make sure to leave around 20 characters so people can easily retweet your content without having to reword your original message.

According to Twitter’s business page, tweets with less than 100 characters see a 17% increase in engagement.

2. Keep your tweets relevant

The most popular tweets are all about trending topics and providing updated information. A good way to make sure your tweets get noticed is to keep a close eye on what’s happening in the news. Looking up popular #hashtags and putting them in your tweets will help you gain access to a wider audience.

Make sure to talk about stories in your community that are related to your business or industry. Having a local connection makes you much more relevant to your audience.

3. Keep your tweets visual

Adding a photo or a video to your tweet adds some visibility to your content that will help set it apart from the clutter. If you want people to actually look at your tweet, give them something engaging that will grab their attention.

4. Keep your tweets constant

Although this doesn’t have anything to do with the tweet itself, be sure to have a constant stream of tweets lined up. Tweets are short-lived and quickly forgotten, so be sure to stay in the forefront of your audience by tweeting at least three to four times a day.