I admit it.  I am a list maker. serendipity of twitter

To do lists. “Honey do” lists. Blog post lists.

I also like to make and use Twitter lists and have previously written about using Twitter lists for personal branding and job search.

The Value of Using Twitter Lists.

My Twitter lists are of my favorite Twitter people tweeting on the topics of: social media marketing, personal branding, job search, my social media marketing students, other marketing professors, top lists of influencers, and more.

Additionally, I have subscribed to a number of lists that are curated by others, specifically the influencers on my primary career interests.

A good selection of Twitter lists:

1. keeps me on focus with the primary topics I have chosen to tweet about;

2. provides a good mix or variety of related topics to social share;

3. saves time for I can go to a topical list and always, easily, and quickly find good content to read and good content to share; and

4. reminds me to regularly connect with my primary and secondary influencers (in hopes they will connect with me, too, and enhance my own influence).

Good read: How to Use Twitter Lists to Follow Thousands (and Appear Superhuman) by @AskAaronLee.

The Value of Not Using Twitter Lists.

“Life is too short to only use Twitter for serious pursuits.”

Yes, sometimes it is good to jump out of the Twitter lists and deep dive into the general Twitter stream.

I do this for serendipity . . . to find the randomly unexpected.

I seek the randomly unexpected for: (1) fun, (2) a mental break, (3) entertainment, (4) cross-fertilization for new ideas, (5) idea incubation, (6) new connections, and (7) to rediscover new or overlooked members to add to my focused lists.

“Wow, I did not know that cats could do that. Though, I still prefer dogs or monkeys.”

“That recipe for a healthy carrot cake looks good. If only I can convince my wife it is more of a vegetable than a desert.”

“That amazing photo of Lake Como in Italy makes me want to go back as a paparazzo.”

“I can’t believe that anyone would need or want to buy that thing that does whatever it does.”

“Why that’s something I have never seen before and never hope to see again.”

Here are some suggestions for clicking into the serendipity of Twitter:

1. Jump headfirst into your general Twitter stream and begin your virtual rubbernecking.

2. Start clicking on random hashtags or hashtags that grab an interest.

3. Scroll quickly only stopping to gawk at the native Twitter images.

4. Click on an interesting Twitter ID and dig deeper into their tweets.

5. Click on an interesting Twitter ID and dig deeper into their lists.

6. Click on an interesting Twitter ID and dig deeper into their following.

7. Click on any trending topics that you find interesting or delightful.

8. Do a random keyword or hashtag search.

9. Click on the #Discover button and see where it takes you.

10. And, occasionally kick start potential engagement with a reply of “hello” to a random Twitter stranger.

The Take-Away.

The next time you find yourself bored in general or bored with Twitter or bored with social media, then follow any or all of the above suggestions to click and temporarily get lost into the serendipity of Twitter.

You may learn something new.  You may learn something different. And, you will definitely return to the serious business of social media with a refreshing perspective.

How do you use social media for serendipity?


Image credit: by Denny McCorkle

This article originally appeared on Digital Self Marketing Advantage and has been republished with permission.