You already know that fresh, new content is key to positioning your website at the top of Google search. But you may not realise that your occasional silent spells on Twitter are holding your business back. After all, you’re competing with 288 million regular users, between whom over 500 million tweets are posted every single day.

The benefits of frequent, high-quality posts are multiple. Firstly, sending out the right information about your company, its passions and its services will attract potential customers with similar interests or a demand for your services. It may even get them talking about you to fellow Twitter users, ballooning into a self-perpetuating marketing campaign. Investors might take notice, and it may attract other businesses whose services complement yours, or even potential recruits (digitally-savvy ones, at that).

Beevolve recently discovered that the number of followers any particular user has can be estimated by the number of tweets they’ve sent. Researchers from the social media analytics company found that users with fewer than 1,000 posts typically have fewer than 100 followers. On the other end of the spectrum, users with 1,000-5,000 followers have sent more than 10,000 tweets.  That’s just 27 tweets a day if you want to hit 10,000 tweets over the course of a year.

As there are a host of timesaving tricks, boosting your following needn’t be a daunting feat. Subscribing to social media control panels like Hootsuite will not only enable you to schedule all your tweets for the day, it will also allow you to see all your interactions and highlights from specific Twitter feeds or hashtags all on one page. This is a handy tool when you’re partaking in a widespread conversation or want to start a hashtag campaign.

However, you don’t have to start a conversation to take advantage of the opportunity to secure new followers. Existing Twitter chats like #CustServ and #MediaChat take place weekly and attract a strong following from around the world. Have your input and you could be rewarded with a whole new social circle.

Through relevant chats, you’re also likely to come across tweeters with similar interests. Don’t be shy about sharing other people’s content. Twitter is a great idea-sharing platform and showing engagement with others will open you up to new conversations and new followers from the businesses and individuals with whom you interact.

Remember that what you say doesn’t need to be breaking news. Many of your daily tweets can be retweets, news stories, quotes or simply products or information you want to share with your followers. As long as what you’re saying isn’t contradictory or likely to spark unwanted controversy, most activity is good activity. And, of course, having a specialism will help to set you apart.

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