More = Better? Twitter

If you use Twitter’s DM feature, you are probably aware that you have the option to send messages that are much longer than standard 140 character limit that applies to public tweets. In fact, you can send messages that are as long as 10,000 characters long. Now, Twitter has announced plans to add this feature to all tweets. This means that rather than stopping you at 140 characters, you will be able to continue typing until you have used up your full 10k character limit.

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However, you will be warned that you have exceeded the standard limit. When others view your tweets, they will have the option of expanding your tweet (or not) and reading the rest of what you have written. As a business owner, you must decide first of all, whether or not this is a feature you should use.

Then, if you do use it, how you can best take advantage of the new feature and avoid any pitfalls.

Customers Will be More Likely to Consume Your Content


If you are currently using Twitter, chances are, one of the things you are doing is promoting and linking to your content on other platforms. The problem with this is that a person scrolling through their timeline may not want to disrupt their reading to click your link and had to another site. If you take advantage of the expanded character limit, you can use Twitter as a place to publish content, not simply link to it.

This isn’t to say that you still won’t face challenges. Getting users to click to expand a Tweet may be simpler than getting them to click a link. However, you will still be asking them to answer a call to action.

This means that you will need to make good use of those first 140 characters in order to make your followers want to read more. In addition to this, when they do read more, you had better make it worth their time.

If they aren’t impressed with one expanded tweet, they likely won’t look at another. If you are used to only communicating in brief sound bites, you may want to improve essay writing skills and other longer forms of writing. Once you become better able to write in the longer format, you will be able to write compelling posts that truly get your followers engaging with you. With the option to write longer content, you may see an increase in retweets and people actually clicking into your website.

Your Ability to Effectively Use Twitter as a Customer Support Platform Will Increase

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These days, many people will use social media to inform you of issues they are having with your products and services, or to air other complaints or concerns. One popular way of doing this is to give you a mention in a public tweet about the issue that they are having. Now, if you choose to respond via Twitter, and you should, your options are limited. If you are able to resolve the issue with a brief response, that’s great. Otherwise, you have to direct your customer to your website or other customer service options. Your only other choices are to engage in a series of tweets until the issue is resolved, or to add your customer to your account and take things to direct message.

If the character limit is expanded, you can use those extra characters to do the following:

Used effectively, you can use this to resolve many customer service issues in just one or two tweets.The extended number of characters will also give customers the option to explain their issues in detail in just one tweet. The drawback is if things become contentious with a customer, or an embarrassing mistake on your end is revealed, it may not be the most appealing thing to have these things play out in a public forum.

You Will Save Time Trying to Make End Runs Around The Current Character Limit

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You may already be taking steps to get around the current 140 character limit. For one thing, you may be copying and pasting text in as an image instead of typing characters. You may also be ‘twitterstorming’.

This is one you release a quick succession of tweets that are intended to be viewed by your followers as a single message. There are a few problems with these methods. First, they take extra time and effort. They can also be a bit annoying for your followers. Also, text in an image file cannot be searched. By using this method, you are also forcing them to read or scroll past longer content, rather than giving them the option to choose.