It is fair to say that Twitter has had a ton of criticism over the last few years. There is without doubt a lot that could be improved upon. But, Twitter in my opinion is still the best social media platform for these 3 things.

Discovery – Twitter has its own search engine and in my view is the place to go to discover things. Most people on Twitter spend very little time searching for anything on Twitter, but that folks is the goldmine. You can search on real people talking about real things right now and in real time. The ability to search and find targeted business leads, potential customers, people who have a need or a want to buy something, change something, get something is incredible for you and your business. Discovery and more importantly targeted discovery is the number one thing that Twitter does best.

Breaking News – When it comes to breaking news Twitter simply is the place to go. I have never heard anyone say lets check Facebook or Snapchat for breaking news. Those platforms were simply not designed for that. Twitter is where you go for that. Pretty much all breaking news stories are being tweeted and talked about well before main stream media has caught on.

Listening Tool – When it comes to listening to your customers, potential customers, clients, potential clients, getting feedback on your ideas, vision, products and services, Twitter again wins hands down. Twitter is a communication channel not a broadcast station and its main strength lies in the fact that you can simply listen to so many conversations. Listen to what people are saying about you, your competitors, listen to what your customers are tweeting about that could be marketing gold dust for you. People share incredible info on Twitter disguised just as tweets. You just need to learn how & where to listen.

People moan and whinge about Twitter. Yes for sure it has issues and I am not going to belittle any of them. But, It is still the greatest platform for listening, discovery and breaking news. What you all need to do is look at how you are using Twitter and change your approach. What worked a few years ago will no longer produce great results. But, the business leads are still there, listening is still there, breaking news is still there, these feature are still there, but few of you use them.

Stop with the content marketing ideas and start with learning how to really use effectively the Twitter search and discover all the business leads you want. People have become switched off due to the level of noise on Twitter. Part of that reason is that most follow thousands and believe that pumping out and endless stream of posts will in the end win. If everyone has adopted that approach, this strategy wont work. Instead. you really do need to think about what Twitter is best at. Discovery, listening tool and breaking news and focus on using those best things about Twitter to the advantage of your business.