Twitter is growing on a daily basis and people are trying to figure out strategies that work in terms of marketing and exposure. It is easy to reach people on Twitter, because people can reach customers directly. If that isn’t enough, you can easily campaign to get more followers. Forbes recently discussed how the most successful for of marketing on Twitter is starting conversations with people. Branding has become less about telling people what to do, such as buying products and clicking on links, and more about creating genuine relationships through honest conversations.

So, how does one start conversations on Twitter? It is all about making a connection and making an effort. People may not start conversations with you and your company, unless they have complaints about your service or products, or unless they want something. You need to make the effort. Below are five examples of how you can start conversations on Twitter. All examples are from Coca Cola’s official Twitter feed.

The Emotional Connection:

The emotional connection is all about focusing on people’s emotions. You can also show your own emotions, such as giving thanks for thinking of your business while making a purchase. “I gave @CocaCola +Kred influence in the marketing community,” wrote one person, to which Coca Cola replied, “Thanks for thinking of us, Antonio!” This connection is all about showing a softer side of the business.

The Thankful Message:

Giving thanks is another way of making a connection with readers. Every time a customer makes a purchase, it is all about giving thanks. Customers could go with your competitors, so it is all about showing thanks to make sure they feel appreciated – and come back in the future. “I (heart) zero cherry coke lol” wrote one fan, to which Coca Cola replies, “Hi Mabel! Thanks for drinking Cherry Coke Zero!” This simple gesture can create some great relationships.

The Helpful Conversation:

Another conversation technique is also being helpful for customers who are not satisfied with the business. While some people do not like addressing customer service requests on Twitter, it is a great platform to give recognition to issues. “Pressed the @CocaCola button on the soda machine and a @Pepsi came out…beyond pissed…left it there,” wrote one frustrated customer, to which Coca Cola replied, “We’d like to look into this. Please email more information with Ref #8003144390.” This example reveals that you can make your customers feel important, as Coca Cola has provided a reference number.

The Unexpected Connection:

But there doesn’t have to be a reason for you to reach out to people. Some people may tweet about something relatable to your business and you can capitalize on this. “The weekend is upon me…Time to go home and crack open a cold one. And by cold one, I mean a @CocaCola #BornToBeWild,” wrote one thirsty reader, to which Coca Cola replied, “Have a great evening, Keith.” This tweet is not prompted by the customer, but it is a great chance for you to show that you care.

The Friendly and Funny Conversation:

Some people prefer a connection that is genuine, funny and friendly. Some people are just looking for a friend, rather than a business on Twitter. And Coca Cola gives a prime example of how a corporation can be a friend on Twitter. “I want to see @KurtHSchneider’s videos that he made for @CocaCola but I’m too busy studying,” wrote one curious reader, to which Coca Cola replied, “Don’t worry, Lisa! After studying visit (link) to view the videos.” Not only is Coca Cola being a friend, but the company is also marketing their links to readers.

These are just some examples of how you can create conversation on Twitter with your customers. You can capitalize on other situations and create your own examples, but just make sure that you are professional all the time.

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