Everyday, I look for ways to become more transparent on social media platforms. In particular Twitter. I really like Twitter because it provides real-time conversations with real people.

To be more transparent takes a lot of thought and work. You only have so many hours in the day. Also, you need to be selective in the information you share and make sure the information you share makes a difference and offers a “wow” factor.

It really comes down to the following objective:

Are you ready to tell your story to your clients or not? and if not? when will you be ready or what is your reservation?

I know it took me till now, (3 years to really get comfortable with answering this question) It is a huge step, but if you do your homework it can really be the step that takes your company to a new level… Today, I am talking Twitter. Look for future posts with respect to other social media platforms. Its time for you and I to take the lead on transparency and become leaders in our own particular industries.

Here are some TWITTER TIPS to being a more TRANSPARENT LEADER on Twitter

Some Twitter Personal ID Tips

Share some original ideas… Don’t constantly repeat other people’s work

Share your blog site and direct people to a place where they can learn more about you. Do you really want to be know as “that” person on Twitter – Stand for something more.

Share some personal information. This past weekend I had a leak in my house and it was a frustrating adventure. My brother-in-law saw my tweet and asked me later that day if everything was ok. People like to connect to real people.

Call out someone. Share a tweet and put the person’s name in your tweet. If the information is personal, send a direct message. If you know others may benefit from the conversation post it publicly.

Some Twitter Company ID Tips

Share information from your website or blog site. You are not going to be a major player without a company website. By the way a Facebook Company page or Google+ Company Page does not count.

Talk about real information that people would be curious to know about your company.

Share pictures! Pictures speak volumes.

Answer questions from B2B clients and consumers.

I know some of you are Transparent Leaders on Twitter and have some great ideas for accomplishing this task. If you are a Marketing Professional who has experienced success in being a leader, please share your story or a link to your site or blog post about your experience. Collaborative learning is the way to go and we learn best from others who are leaders.

photo credit: casch52 via photopin cc