Having the right presence on social networking platforms can skyrocket your profits and increase the exposure to your company. Brands like Wendy’s, Domino’s Pizza and Burger King are great examples of how a few Twitter posts can make or break a sale.

With the growing benefits of social media, it’s not surprising that everyone, from the smallest start-ups to the biggest names in business, is heavily invested in online engagement through social platforms. Whether through hiring marketing specialists or via automation tools, brands are finding a way to properly interact with their audience through social networks.

At often times, due to the cost of human social media management, business owners decide to opt for automation tools. However, this is often seen as an action no better than shooting yourself in the foot.

How To Automate Your Twitter Sales In Three Easy Steps

The debate of social media automation comes from the fact that automation is inherently risky in a growing age of inbound marketing through social networks online. Using tools to generate content on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can save you time and effort, but it can ultimately strip down the benefits of having proper social networking presence.

Nevertheless, efficiency based software and artificial intelligence solutions can solidify your marketing message online. While you will still have to spend a few hours to set up your Twitter automation and cater a few minutes of your daily routine to such tools, online automation software can help you step up your social media management.

To help you step up your social networking game while saving a lot of time and effort, here are three easy steps of automating your Twitter feed without your audience noticing.

Step 1: Use the Right Tools

There are a ton of helpful Twitter tools online that will help you set up your automation without sounding like a robot.

While you can get away with posting just a few times per week on Facebook, Twitter is another story. To achieve better engagement with your audience, you have to post multiple times per day. With this in mind and to avoid spending all day long posting tweets, here are the few tools you should definitely consider using.

Don’t forget to keep Twitter’s rules on automation in mind as well. You might risk a ban if you violate any of their policies or abuse the API.

This is a reason why you should avoid any shady applications and rather stick to more recognized Twitter automation tools to help you out.

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Finding the right Followers with ManageFlitter

One of the best ways to increase your social profile on Twitter is to connect with the right targeted profiles within your industry. While most people do that by constantly checking who to follow on the platform itself, you can easily cut a few minutes off of your research time by using ManageFlitter.

This tool will help you find targeted accounts you can connect to while avoiding profiles that are inactive or spammy. What’s more, with ManageFlitter you can easily grow your network via the recognized follow-unfollow technique. Regardless of the way you decide to use it, ManageFlitter is definitely a must-have automation tool for your Twitter list.

Going Semi-Automated with Dlvr.it

A great way to ensure that you have a smart automated stream of content on your Twitter profile is by using RSS feed automation tools. Letting you ensure that you send a new tweet to your audience every time a source publishes new content, Dlvr.it is relatively easy to use. What’s more, it can be connected with Buffer, to further schedule your posts for a constant flow of content.

Tweet the Right content with Quuu

In case you often find yourself unable to come up with interesting and shareable content for your Twitter feed, you can use tools such as Quuu. Quuu helps you find content based on a selected keyword or niche topic, it lets you choose whether or not to share the content, and it can then send those selected tweets to scheduling apps such as Buffer.

Step 2: Integrate Automation with Active Sharing

One thing you should keep in mind when using Twitter automation tools is that you should find the balance between automated and organic tweets. Instead of relying on a simple RSS feed, make sure that you have a mix of shared article and post links combined with more personalized tweets.

Of course, there are apps that allow you to further help you out fully automate your Twitter sales. Online tools such as Buffer and others let you schedule tweets to your personalized liking. By using them, you can spend only a few hours to set up an active content stream throughout the whole week.

Take Scheduling to the Next Level with Buffer

If you want to automate your Twitter sales, Buffer is a must-have tool. Recognized as the best tweet scheduling solution, Buffer allows you to put up your tweets whenever you have the time and the app will automatically post them at set times. This will help you achieve better consistency and a more regular Twitter feed, which is crucial for your success on the platform.

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The app itself is easy to use and it also lets you add images to spice up your tweets. What’s more, Buffer connects with other automation tools, helping you take your Twitter efficiency to the new level.

Recurring Tweets with SocialOomph

One of the best ways to automate your Twitter feed while still keeping it personalized is to use SocialOomph. Taking scheduling to a new level, the web-based app lets you create a list of tweets that are posted on a recurring basis.

While you should be careful with such repetitive tweets, if you have a constant stream of content pieces, SocialOomph can be your new best friend. What’s more, this online tool has other automation features such as direct message automation which can further your Twitter game.

Step 3: Personalize your Automation on Twitter

Dealing with multiple social networks can be a hassle. That’s why many social media marketers use cross-promotion tools. However, while they do save you time, they can also be a double-edged sword.

Each social network is unique in its own way. Not only are audiences slightly different, but each platform is used in a different manner. This results in some types of content being more attractive to one network, while other posts perform better on another. With this in mind, you should diversify your content based on the platform you are using.

In the particular case of Twitter automation, your best strategy would be to prepare targeted posts specifically for Twitter. Allowing you to post a message with a limited number of characters and used in a very precise manner by its audience, Twitter is a platform you can’t easily automate via cross-platform solutions.

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Full-Fledged Personalized Automation via IFTTT

One of the best all-around tools for automation is IFTTT. While the tool does have a learning curve to it, IFTTT allows you to truly take your cross-platform automation to a whole another level.

With IFTTT you can set up a number of efficiency based automation tasks, such as tweeting an update at the beginning of each month, sending a new tweet each time you post to a particular social network, get a notification whenever someone tweets and far more. With IFTTT the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Automate your Twitter Sales with Care

Automation can save you a lot of time and effort. Online tools can help you fully automate your Twitter feed in a number of seemingly extraordinary ways. Nevertheless, you should not forget that there is a human factor involved in proper automation.

If you simply connect an RSS feed to your Twitter account and share a new update each time you publish a new blog post, chances are your audience won’t be as engaged. Make sure that you implement Twitter automation solutions within your social marketing strategy while also allowing for a certain level of interaction within your feed.

Chances are the engagement on your Tweets will be only a few percent of your follower base. The prime reason for this is that Twitter is a constant stream of posts shared on a per-second basis. By implementing automation solutions you can ensure that your feed is consistent and that you have an optimal number of tweets ready to be sent out to your audience each and every day.

If you are new to Twitter you can also check out the 7 steps to successfully launch a Twitter profile.