Twitter is a very simple social network which works on users interacting with friends by sending short messages (mere 140 characters). But things are changing fast, now Twitter is branching out and is turning into a payment platform. The credit goes to American Express!

American Express introduced the Twitter and Amex sync last year. The sync enables users to claim discounts just by connecting the American Express card to the Twitter account and posting tweets with specified Amex hashtags. It implies that a user could send a tweet, make a specific purchase and get a credit back on your Amex account automatically.

Amex Partners With Twitter To Let Users Shop With Hashtags!

However, Amex is not just offering credit back now. By tweeting few characters one can shop on the go thru Amex. As per Amex, this is how the Twitter-Amex arrangement works…

  • The user must have an American Express Card synced with Twitter account
  • Follow AmericanExpress on twitter to know about new offers. One example of such tweet is “Get Kindle Fire HD for $149.99+tax w/synced Amex Card. Tweet #BuyKindleFireHD to start purch! QtyLtd, Exp 3/3 Terms:”
  • The user must tweet using the hashtag mentioned in the offer tweet by American Express. To avail the offer on Kindle Fire HD, one needs to Tweet using #BuyKindleFireHD
  • Next the user waits for a response message from @AmexSync. The response message will ask you to send a confirmatory tweet. Such as #ConfirmKindleFireHD
  • By tweeting a confirmatory tweet such as #ConfirmKindleFireHD, the user automatically confirms the order and authorizes American Express to charge the card that has been synced.
  • Next, American Express will send the user a confirmatory reply on Twitter.
  • The user will also receive a confirmatory email from American Express mentioning the success of the purchase on Twitter along with other details.

What’s even more amazing is that within few days of announcing the Twitter connect, American Express is already offering products such as Amex gift card, Kindle Fire HD, Xbox 360, Xbox controller, and a growing number of other desirable items for purchase on Twitter. Some of the deals offer products at a heavy discount, making the Amex-Twitter shopping system even more enticing.

Here is a video by American Express explaining how Amex Sync On Twitter works.

It’s hard to believe that a person can buy his favorite products by tweeting a few characters. The Amex-Twitter connect definitely makes it a lot easier for users to make purchases on the go!