Twitter works on three basic things- understanding how it actually works, listening to your target audience and Tweeting right content at right time. The first two are individual choices and skills, but the third one is tricky because it also includes what to Tweet? This can be enhanced by various measures. Here I have tried to consolidate a list of ideas you can use for your Twitter posts.

twitter post ideas

It can be difficult to come up with different formats of content everyday to engage with your audiences. But if you want to gain a loyal following on Twitter, you have to consistently provide them with great content. You may have heard this phrase a 1000 times, “Content is King” but that is the ultimate truth.

Anyone can put together 140 characters and call it a tweet. But that doesn’t work the same way with businesses, they need to create compelling content to spark engagement with their audiences! Let’s get started with the ideas now-

1. Leverage Photo collages

With this feature your brand can truly take communication beyond the 140 characters and add depth to your messages! And your audiences love visual elements as it truly grips them and gets your point across straight to them. Thus you can make use of this in forms of product promotion, behind the scenes and so on to engage with your followers.

Example – In our earlier article, in detail I have mentioned of how your brand can tap into the power of Twitter photo collages with product demos, increase cause awareness, tell stories and many more such creative ways!

2. Tips & Tricks

If you’ve got product related tips or other useful bits of information make sure to share with your followers. As these days people are extremely busy, and are always on the lookout for quick and easy solutions which can help them save their time and increase productivity. Thus share such valuable tips to them, and they will be thankful to you by increasing your engagement.

Example – With thanksgiving right here, Whole foods is sharing tips on how to make the perfect turkey with their followers. Subtly they are promoting their products as well, which is a brilliant move!

3. High quality Visuals

Pictures are much more effective in comparison to just plain text, as they elevate the message you’re trying to send across. But make sure the visuals you’re sharing are of high quality, they cannot be grainy or pixelated as that would cause a sore spot in your followers eyes.

ExamplePinkberry, a frozen yoghurt brand on Twitter shares high quality visuals of their produces. Seeing this you literally want to sink your teeth in it!

4. Contests

If there is one sure shot way to increase engagement not only on Twitter but any platform is through contests. As your followers get a chance to compete with other contestants and stand a chance to emerge victorious and win a perk. But make sure the rules aren’t too complicated to understand, and don’t ask too much out of them they may just abandon your contest halfway! Keep it simple and you will get oodles of participants vying for your attention.

Example – Twitter contests are great way to generate buzz for your brand, in this article I have highlighted 5 types of Twitter contests you can run and yield amazing response.

5. Real-Time tweeting during events

Tweeting about live events is a great way to keep your followers in the loop and keep them coming back for more such updates. Sending out tweets about your store launch or an in-store event going on with visuals can generate a ton of excitement as your followers would feel they are a part of the celebrations as well.

ExampleMTV was live tweeting during the entire American Music Awards, which even encouraged their followers to join the conversation. Great way to engage with your followers!

6. Integrate global events with your brand

Whenever during campaigns or events create an exclusive hashtag for your brand which makes you stand out from the general conversation. Thumb rule for creating hashtags, mention your brand + event and create a catchy keyword for the same. So when your followers tweet with the same hashtag, it brings awareness to their network and when it creates a domino effect on engagement it could lead your hashtag to trend as well, which means wider coverage. And with that hashtag it even becomes easier to study your findings!

Example – To celebrate World TV day, Flipkart ran a contest with the #TVDayWithFlipkart. The hashtag is perfect as it clearly mentions the brand and what it is about, great way to increase participation with the amazing perk they are providing.

7. Follow the trend

This is one type of product promotion your followers don’t mind. Thus every now and then based on the current trend provide them offers and promotions which they cannot deny. And when they realise they are getting the product they like, much cheaper there is no stopping them!

ExampleAmazon is providing exclusive deals to their followers for the Black Friday week, their customers are truly ready to get their shop on!

Bonus: Quotes

Everyone loves inspirational quotes, as it motivates and influences the thinking of your followers. With quotes you don’t have to worry about if they resonate with your audiences, as they carter to a wide audience. You can choose quotes from various websites, use social media expert quotes or about life in general. They receive maximum engagement in the form of retweets, thus make sure you leave extra room so your followers can easily retweet and add their own two bits!

Example – Nike shares inspirational quotes which truly motivates their followers, you can see it in form of retweets and favourites. Though I missed a image attached to this one. It would have added more value I guess.

Don’t treat Twitter as a medium for constant self-promotion. Mix your content bucket well and include your business promotion as well in small amounts that will keep your Twitter stream fresh and relevant. Make use of various Twitter tools, so it will lighten the bulk for you and making your marketing process seamless.

Would you like to add any other ideas to the list? Please do share your insights with us below.

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