Small business owners have it tough.  You’re skilled in your industry, and (finally) used to quarterly taxes, but then life throws you a curve ball: an overwhelming number of options when it comes to marketing and advertising using social media. Suddenly, what used to be used for personal updates seems like a whole new job–  and you already have one to do!

Luckily, it’s not too hard to get started on social media if you have a few minutes per week and a hearty DIY attitude, and one of the easiest platforms to master is Twitter. Ready to get started? Here are six things that your small business can tweet about:

Share Your Story

Your story is familiar to you because you lived it. But the rest of the world? We’re in the dark until you share it. If you’re a family run business, tell us about it! If you and your business partners met at a themed restaurant at a beach, we want to know that, too! Anything that might set you apart from the crowd of competitors should be considered interesting and shareable.

Celebrate New Hires

Another thing that makes you special? Your special team. Use your social media network to introduce your team members one by one. Share contact information and a fun fact, or information about the team member’s particular area of expertise. When your team member shares the update with his or her networks, suddenly your story is the one being heard.

Push Industry News

One of the many reasons a customer is looking at your social media profiles is to decide whether or not you’re the expert you say you are. Prove it by sharing industry news and content that you think is important. Bonus points? Include your perspective or insight as you tweet about the latest product release or development.

Ask Questions

One little-known benefit of utilizing social media networks is free access to the customer. Brainstorming a new strategy for your product sales and not sure whether customers would prefer a 10% off coupon or a coupon for free service? Just ask! Shoot out a tweet using a trending hashtag and get responses from potential customers all over the world — all for the investment of a few minutes of your time.

Share Quotes

Social media networks make it easy to live your company’s core beliefs. An entertaining way to do this is to share your favorite quotes from spiritual leaders, politicians, and writers. Not quite sure if your quote would be interesting enough? Share it anyway! You never know what will strike the fancy of a customer who is checking in on his Twitter feed.

Promote Your Services

Finally: yes, you’re allowed to tweet about your business! Just don’t overdo it. Stick to the standard 80/20 rule: 80% of your tweets should be helpful and personable. Up to 20% can be purely advertising your company’s services to let customers know you’re open for business.

Not quite up for a DIY adventure? Contact Greesonbach Creative today to connect with social media and content professionals who know how to help your hard work shine online.

What else should small businesses tweet about?