Are you looking for brand-new user generated content for online marketing?

Spend 6 seconds to entice your social media target audience and to share the best moments with the new hero of video sharing app, Vine.

In this article, we’ll discuss 5 incredible online marketing strategies by using Vine and show you how you can apply them to your business.

About Vine

Vine is a video sharing app, a combination of photo and video sharing with sounds. Basically, you can think of Vine as Instagram meets Youtube with a dash of Twitter.

In October 2012, Twitter launched Vine. Vine is a brand new way to reach fans, followers, and customers by broadcasting a 6 second video – called Vine – via social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Blog,, Pinterest or Tumblr. Now, everyone can easily record the best moments with motion and sound and constantly upload creative and looping videos in a simple and fun way.

Need more inspiration before making your first Vine? Let’s check out 5 tools/strategies of Vine to achieve your online marketing goals.

This is a great example of Vine effect:

Photo of Byron Bay - one of Australia's best beaches!

What ROI can you achieve by using Vine?

  • Drive traffic to your social media channels by using Vinepeek
  • Benchmark other brands’ Vines and create yours in a more creative way with VineRoulette.
  • Educate your target audience with “How to” Vines.
  • Promote your company, product and promotion
  • Share the behind the scenes videos

How to use Vine as your online marketing tools/strategies to achieve your ROI:

1. Drive traffic to your social media channels by using Vinepeek

Vinepeek is a website that enables you to drive more traffic to your social media platforms. It’s made by PXi Ventures (not Twitter.) It pulls in the latest vines one after the other in real time. Vinepeek streams videos straightly from and Vines posted on Twitter. Because It’s a completely public and unfiltered feed and randomly search videos, you never know what you’ll see.

What can retailers learn from this?

  • Drive more traffic to your social media avenues by tags, social buttons, and share buttons. Let’s look at the following image.

1) Tags
To drive traffic accurately to your Twitter page, you should make unique and specific tags that represent your tweets and Vine videos. If viewers click a tag on your Vinepeek page, they are driven to the Twitter page that is searched by the tag.

2) Social buttons
It has word-of-mouth effects that make your Vines popular through a click of a button. Through social buttons, your Vine will be crowdsourced and be shared on Twitter and Facebook in real time.

3) Share buttons
It increases interaction and enables viewers to build friendship and connections with other web users. Also, it influences SEO and moves up search-engine ranking of your social media platforms. Moreover, it plays a role of a free publicity through showing viewers’ love for your Vines on their Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

2. Benchmark other brands’ Vines and create yours in a more creative way with VineRoulette.

VineRoulette, made by TweetBeam, serves up videos into desktop visualization. Unlike Vinepeek, VineRoulette highlights new Vine and continuously loads random videos in chronological order. Also, viewers can select and search tags and watch the Vines that they are interested in. Therefore, you can watch particular brands’ Vines to benchmark them and brainstorm ideas for your Vines.

Example: VineRoulette search engine

Example: Tags of Vines that you can select

Example: Vine, searched as “#redvines” on VineRoulette

What can retailers learn from this?

  • If you don’t want to spend too much time in front of your desktop, submit your email address to check out other brands’ Vines from VineRoulette and to analyze how they are using it. You will get a lot of sources to benchmark competitors’ Vines and you can apply to your brands and products in more creative and interesting ways.

*Note: To inform you about privacy issue of Vinepeek and VineRoulette, your personal Vine is only comprised of the Vine users you follow. Similarly, Vines will only appear to you on Twitter if they’re posted or retweeted by someone you follow.

3. Educate your target audience with “How to” Vines.

Giving instructions through How-to videos is one of the most popular and widely searched categories of online video. Now, you need less than 6 seconds to create a perfect editorial video and to promote your product and brand.

Example: How to make latte by Cafe Moka (coffee shop)

What can retailers learn from this?

  • Spend enough time to brainstorm ideas for your “How to” Vines to keep it short and to the point. Vine has the simplest steps from recording to uploading. On the other hand, it gives you the hardest choice to select right scenes for your Vine. Therefore, more ideas and editing are the essential process to make appealing Vines for your target audience.
  • Show how to do something rather than explain it! Vine is limited to verbally educate your audience in 6 seconds; therefore, you should inform them visually.

4. Promote your company, product and promotion

6 seconds is sufficient time for your promotion. If you make videos successfully, numerous viewers will be willing to watch and widely share across multiple social media channels. Also, you can drive traffic to your social networks and make your fans, followers, repeated visitors, and even customers.

Example: Shoes promotion of GAP Canada

Example: Introduction of a marketing firm

Example: Pet Vine video contest Promotion

What can retailers learn from this?

  • For your promotion, you can verbally tell a story about your company, product, and promotion. Another efficient way is conveying clear messages by a short description in text. You can briefly write about key aspects of your company or promotion, and then show the script on videos. Let’s look at the above example of introduction of a marketing firm.
  • One of goals of using Vine is driving traffic to your social networks. At the end of your video, you can provide accurate URLs to guide people towards your website, social media channels, or a contact page.
  • Finish with multiple calls to action for the next step of Vine videos. You can say on Vine:
    • Follow me on Twitter
    • Like our Facebook fan page
    • Embed this Vine on your site
    • Please “Like” or “RT/Reply”
    • Share this video with your friends
    • Participate in an event or a contest (Example: Pet Vine video contest Promotion)
    • Get discounted coupons, sweepstakes, or a winning prize. And more…

5. Share the behind the scenes videos

It will make a livelier company image and differentiate your company from competitors, while demonstrating forward-thinking company culture.

Example: Inside of MSNBC’s broadcasting station

Example: Dancing employees of “BuzzFeed

What can retailers learn from this?

  • Research competitors’ videos or simply ask what your audience are curious about on your Facebook or Twitter.
  • Set a tone and gestures to match you with your company’s image because viewers can perceive your personality as a company image through your way of talking, facial expressions, and body languages.
  • Edit simply. Vine’s editing process is fast, easy and intuitive. Hold your finger down to capture video and lift it up to pause recording. If you are done, upload your Vine and share with your audience. That’s it!
  • You can upload the behind the scenes Vines about:
    • Work environment
    • The production process for a product
    • Your team
    • Entertaining happenings at work. And more…

If you would like to try this cool video sharing app, it’s now available on the iPhone and iPad or you can download it for free from the App Store.