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How does Kim Kardashian have 19.8 million Twitter followers? How does Zachary Levi raise thousands of dollars for his favorite charities? Easy, they just follow these five simple steps.

1.)  Open Up
On Kim Kardashian’s Twitter page, she regularly answers her fan’s questions—and nothing is off limits. She also participates in #TBT or “Throwback Thursday” posts, showing her fans what her life was like before all the fame. Letting her followers into her personal life fosters the feeling of a personal relationship between her and her fans.


2.)  Advertise Your Brand
No matter if it’s a fashion line or a new album dropping, celebrities must promote themselves, and are turning to Twitter to do so. Beyoncé promoted her new album via social media, and found great success with this method. Followers like being “in the loop” and social media not only puts them in the loop but makes it so that they are ahead of the curve. Another example is how Mindy Kaling promoted her TV show, “The Mindy Project,” by allowing her followers to see the season premiere a day early on Hulu Plus.


3.)  Let Your Personality Shine
Lady Gaga, who is commonly perceived as “unusual,” allows her personality to shine through every tweet. She knows how to keep shocking her fans—and more importantly, knows that her fans want to be shocked, always leaving them wanting more.


4.)  Be in Charge
The best celebrity tweeters are authentic. They don’t let their PR person take control of their account—they tweet about whatever they want, whenever they want. This results in an authentic feel to the account. One great example is Jimmy Fallon, who takes it as far as talking about his Twitter account on his show.


5.)  They Entertain
Many celebrities use their Twitter accounts to entertain their followers. Comedians especially have harnessed the power of 140 characters to give their fans a brief moment of humor. Rob Delaney has tweeted over 18k times, and the result is that he has a twitter following of over 1 million, all without the benefit of traditional media marketing. At the end of the day, Twitter is about the sharing of information, and the more entertaining that information is, the better.