In the social media world, images are exploding. In October, Twitter improved its visual content game by bringing rich media more directly into users’ news feeds. Now, Twitter-based visual content is immediately viewable and no longer needs to be expanded to be seen. Utilizing visual tools within your Twitter strategy is essential for maximizing your social media success and achieving a deeper level of engagement with your customers.

1. Invest more in your visual strategy. Images attached to your direct tweets on Twitter are 94 percent more likely to be re-tweeted. This means investing more time and money into your visual strategy, for a larger and more continuous return on investment.

2. Choose images that relate to your brand, and also your key brand messages. Visual posts on Twitter should never be random. They need to be part of a larger, carefully crafted, rich media strategy that drives the engagement experience.

3. Understand and Utilize Twitter Cards. Twitter Cards provide a summary and image of your content whenever it is tweeted, allowing your business to generate more visually attractive content (rather than a text-based headline and a short-link). This can prompt a higher open rate and more web traffic, but may require coding help from your web team.

4. Adopt Vine. Shared videos from Vine have a much higher engagement rate than those that originate from Instagram. Focusing your strategies on creating short, yet captivating, branded videos is crucial to your business success.

5. Get Creative With Your Visual Tweets. If you want to stand out, you’ll need to do more than simply post solo images. Twitter now lets you share up to four images in a single tweet to create a collage. You can also tag up to 10 other users in any photos you post.