One reason why Twitter is so popular is perhaps because there’s so much scope for you to get creative even with just 140 characters. The micro-blogging site registers about 135,000 new users each day allowing businesses to not just reach out to a large number of people, but also to a growing audience.

If you’re going to be creative on Twitter, it’s going to take you much more than a few minutes to create a tweet. I know, you’re probably wondering, “How am I going to make time?” The answer lies in automation.

Scheduling your tweets will give you complete control over your content schedule and make your life so much easier. However, there are mixed opinions regarding content scheduling and if you’re one of the naysayers maybe these five reasons will change your mind.

#1 Save time

Nearly 500 million tweets are posted on Twitter every hour. That should give you an idea of how transient it is, and why it’s so hard to get any traction off it. If you’re looking to catch the attention of your audience, you need to tweet often enough (at least 5 to 7 times a day). Scheduling your tweets will ensure that your Twitter activity does not disrupt the rest of your work schedule. Using a scheduling tool will also make it much easier to manage multiple accounts, saving you the hassle of having to log into each account manually.

Scheduling tweets in advance is also useful in case of time-sensitive content like announcements, promotions and important updates. And using mobile social media management tools like DrumUp will let you schedule your tweets even while you’re on the go.

#2 Engage in real-time conversations

Automation helps ensure that your social media marketing efforts are more effective. However, adopting a set-and-forget approach to social media will do your business more harm than good. That’s because when you fail to engage in real-time conversations you’re in essence, missing out on several opportunities to build lasting relationships with your followers.

Listening on social media, to identify and participate in interesting, real-time conversations will also make you more relevant to your audience. Here’s an example of how Denny’s gave Apple’s announcement of the first gold-colored iPhone a twist of its own.

#3 Achieve consistency

Consistency is key to success on social media. Benjamin Franklin once said that energy and persistence conquer all things – he may as well have been addressing a bunch of social media managers. The social world spins so fast that the only way you can make an impact is if you are persistent in your efforts.

Scheduling your tweets ensures that all your social campaigns run without interruptions, even while you’re away. It’s also a good idea to repost tweets 2-3 times on Twitter to increase exposure and drive conversations. Scheduling tools like DrumUp ensure that you’re tweets are well-timed, attracting a larger number of impressions and better engagement.

#4 Increase visibility

Scheduling your tweets using automation tools will free up time for you to interact with your audience. As you tweet and interact with your audience more frequently your business’ visibility also grows. And to top it all off, a cleverly timed campaign can win your business some extra brownie points.

A good example is NetWorld Solutions’ Go Granny campaign that was created to mock their competitor, GoDaddy’s ads during SuperBowl 2011. The campaign used #GoGranny on Twitter to tweet targeted messages. The campaign even caught the eye of top influencers like Guy Kawasaki and Scott Monty. It received 3,000 retweets in 5 days and over 20 million impressions. The YouTube video received more than a hundred thousand views and the company saw their sales increase by 500% that SuperBowl weekend!

#5 Increase web traffic

When you schedule your tweets in advance, you’re able to reach out to your target audience at times when they are most likely to be online. This ensures that your tweets don’t go unnoticed. As a result you’ll also be able to achieve a higher CTR, in turn increasing the traffic to your website. Once you achieve a significant improvement in the number of visits to your website, you’ll see that it ranks higher on SERPs too. The cumulative effect of which will make your business more discoverable.

While increasing the frequency of tweets is a more common tactic used to increase visibility and web traffic, you could also study your target demographic, understand their online behavior and tailor your strategy accordingly. For instance, Jack Shafer, who proposed the news cycle theory, gave up tweeting news updates constantly throughout the day and instead opted to tweet at three crucial points in a day, when his followers were more likely to read the news. The strategy worked well for him, may be it will for you too. But you’ll only find out if you try it.

Have you scheduled your first tweet yet?

Scheduling your tweets creates time for you to try new things which can change your content strategy for the better and help you get more followers organically. Scheduling also helps ensure that you have a steady stream of content to share with your audience. So, what are you waiting for? Go schedule your first tweet with DrumUp, and see what a difference it can make to your Twitter presence.