The latest craze hitting the Twittersphere is the ‘tweetstorm’. Made popular by well-known investor @pmarca, this social media trend of connecting a series of tweets together is beginning to gather steam. There are now a variety of tools available to help Twitter users to create their own tweetstorms. If you want to become a prolific storm-enthusiast on Twitter, the following are a few tools you can investigate:


WriteRack is one of the easiest tools to use to create your own tweetstorms. Log into WriteRack via your Twitter account, type your data into the content box, and WriteRack will automatically divide your data into a numbered tweetstorm.


Available from Daniel Mac, Stormy is an iOS app that lets you create tweetstorms on your Apple device. Add your content, choose the numbering style for your storms, decide how many seconds you want between each posting, and hit post to inundate your Twitter follower’s streams with your posts.

Little Pork Chop

Available from the godfather of blogging, podcasting, and RSS feeds, Dave Winer’s Little Pork Chop is another easy-peasy tool for creating tweetstorms. Sign in with your Twitter account, wait for your access to be authorized, add your content, choose your tweeting format, and watch your Twitter stream fill with your pontificating.

Currently in view-only mode, offers another option for storm-wannabes. Connect up to 15 tweets together and schedule your storm for maximum impact (or is it intrusion?).

TweetStorm for Chrome

Available as a Google Chrome extension, xdamman’s TweetStorm lets you create tweetstorms in your browser. Type your content with no regard for Twitter’s 140-character limit and TweetStorm will break your content into tiny tidbits for your Twitter followers.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, it would appear that tweetstorms are here to stay. With an array of storm-creation tools at your disposal, you can now start filling your Twitter stream with connected thoughts, mini-blog posts, or live-tweet feeds. Forget ‘bend it like Beckham’. You too can now ‘tweet like @pmarca’.

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