5 Growth Hacks to Build Your Twitter Following

Twitter can be a daunting social media platform because it’s not like Facebook or LinkedIn where you can just mutually connect with someone. On Twitter, you are stuck with following someone, and waiting day after day for them to follow you back, only to be left devastated and heartbroken. Seriously though, it can be a difficult task trying to gain a larger following. Whether you’re new to the world of Twitter, or have been around for a while but still haven’t really spread your wings, then feast on these few tips that have helped me drastically improve my dismal Twitter following.

1. Find Your Niche

When you start building out your Twitter profile, be sure to add your interests into your bio. You’ll have more success in finding people who share similar interests/activities. As an example, I’m a digital marketer who enjoys sports and movies, and my profile reflects that.

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Therefore, you should self-assess yourself. Find out who you are, who you want to be, what you like to do, and what you want people to know about you. You’ll have greater results if you know your niche, so find it.

2. Post Personal Relevant Content

The content you post will be a reflection of your brand. If you’re posting about every possible subject, you may quickly realize that your Twitter following is starting to decrease. A majority of your followers have followed you because of a similarity. If your posts stop becoming relevant to your followers, then they’ll have no need to stick around. Your posts should consistently reflect your interests. Building your brand will build your following.

3. Be Active

This is a key step in this process. Studies have shown that individuals who have tweeted less than 1000 times have 100 or less followers and those who have tweeted 10,000 times or more can have between 1,000 to 5,000 followers. The more you post, the bigger your following can become. If you start to have a slump in your Twitter activity, then followers will start to jump ship. I went on a cruise for a week, and once I logged back into my Twitter, I realized that I had lost a ton of followers! If I wasn’t posting content, then I wasn’t offering my followers any reason to stick around.

A Word of Caution

Now, there can be a fine line between actively tweeting and tweeting too much. I have gone through and unfollowed certain people because I quickly realized that not only were they clogging up my Twitter feed, but several times a day they had posted the same tweet, which turned out to be a sales pitch. After several dozen times of seeing the same photo week after week, I realized that enough was enough. They lost at least one follower that day. So have respect for your followers and actively post about things that can benefit them.

4. Engage, Follow, and Be Genuine

It may not be enough to just post relevant content all the time. To really build your following you need to engage. Start favoriting or retweeting tweets that interest you and start following industry leaders or thought leaders. I have found that when I started following business or marketing experts, that people started to follow me because of my content and similar interests. Don’t be ashamed to follow too many people. Many thought leaders and experts that I follow are almost following the same amount of people that follow them. When you’re in this process of favoriting, following, and messaging, you must be genuine in your actions. Many people that I followed had sent automated messages thanking me for the follow and to check out their blog or follow them on blah, blah, blah. It wasn’t genuine. One individual, however, tweeted a question for me. It wasn’t an automated message in my inbox, but it was a personal tweet with a specific question for me. It caught me by total surprise and so I answered. He then tweeted back, favorited my tweet, and not only gained my respect, but also a dedicated Twitter follower. So remember to be genuine to the people who follow you, because they are actual people.

5. Join the #Hashtag Train

The final step to this building process is to incorporate hashtags with your posts. When you hashtag the topic of your post, you’re increasing your profile’s reach and giving the reader a better understanding about your post. A #hashtag can add your post to searches related to that topic and can go a long way with building your following. But again, be realistic with your hashtags and don’t stuff your post full of them. A follower doesn’t want to see a post literally filled with, “#ContentMarketing #DigitalMarketing #SocialMedia #Bloggers #Facebook #Krypton #TeamStark” and no actual tweet. Hashtag what your post is about, but be conservative. Respect the #Hashtag.

A Twitter following doesn’t build overnight, but with a few of these steps, you can start building your following by at least 100 followers a week. I know it works because it’s been working for me. If you’re interested in knowing more, you can always tweet me: @bstauff19