Getting people the share your posts and content is a great way to generate traffic, especially if you can get people to re-tweet your Twitter messages. Having someone retweet your tweet is very powerful as it is almost a personal recommendation to their own group of followers.

For example, if I tweet about something interesting on this website and one of my followers sees the tweet and presses on the RT link, this is what happens.

RT @buildwebsites1 Changing Your WordPress Theme – 39 Point Checklist

— Nick Daws (@nickdaws) October 11, 2013

See how Nick Daws retweeted my tweet. Now Nick has shared my Twitter name, my post title and post link with other people. It is a win win situation for me. Thanks Nick!

So How Do You Get People To Retweet Your Tweets?

So we all know that “reweeting” is good for spreading the word and gaining more followers. Now we will list 5 sure fire ways to get people to retweet your tweets.

#1. Ask Them to Retweet?

This is obvious and can be used by anyone. Just ask and you will receive. Having a Twitter sharing button alone is just what everyone is doing. You need to steer your clicker to the retweet button or link, pointing an arrow towards it and asking for the share. Don’t be shy, just consider it a free call to action, not asking for payment, only a mere mention.

I like to create manual retweet links where the retweeting looks like an everyday hyperlink. This is especially handy for embedding into PDF documents and free reports.

Below is the formula for the link I created. @tips4pc FREE REPORT about basic computer networking – Setup a home network

All you have to do is test your link as soon as you have made it.

For example you can retweet about this video about creating manual tweeting links because this is a powerful tool for anyone using social media to promote their business.

Here is the exact URL I used: @buildwebsites1 Manually create a RETWEET link for any URL you want to share!

And here is the result:

RT: @buildwebsites1 Manually create a RETWEET link for any URL you want to share!

— Tips4pc (@Tips4pc) October 19, 2013

#3. Embed Tweets into Posts

As you can see first hand in the actual article, you can embed Tweets into your WordPress posts and put the Tweet right in front of your readers. All the buttons and links in the Tweet are fully functional so there is a good chance, especially if you ask nicely, that your tweet will be retweeted!

#4. Share OPS (Other People’s Stuff)

Ana Hoffman over at Traffic Generation Cafe always shares my content and I have no problem returning the favor. After all, she deserves it! But this is also an awesome way to get others to retweet your Tweets. I am definitely going to give this one a go, thanks to Ana.

Can You Turn The 80/20 Rule Of Website Marketing On Its Ear? via @buildwebsites1

— Ana Hoffman (@AnaTrafficCafe) October 18, 2013

#5. Sneak an Awesome Quote in Content

I saw this idea on Steve Scotts Site and thought this was pretty smart. I was happily reading his fantastic content, when suddenly he would mention a quote and add then have a click to retweet link under that. Unfortunately I forgot what the content was about because I was now distracted with this amazing idea.

get people to retweet

The other reason I know this works is because someone read this article about Google authorship on my website and tweeted about it. But the funny thing is, they took a line from the article instead of the title of the post. Apparently people liked that quote and I wish I had used that for the title.

You don’t own [your] content until #Google says you do – /@buildwebsites1. #GoogleAuthorship

— Ken Herron (@KenHerron) October 10, 2013

Thanks Ken!


If you want to get people to retweet your tweets just follow these 5 simple tips mentioned above. It is not rocket science and it just takes a little action.

Feel free to share how you get people to retweet your tweets in the comment section below.

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