Twitter Marketing TipsI remember the days when Twitter was just hitting mainstream use, there was a lot of misunderstanding floating around.

And there still is, for businesses at least.

Sometimes, if you are in a tight B2B niche your marketing outflow may suffer from stagnation. And this can happen on many networks; and non-more so than Twitter.

You’re not the first and you won’t be the last. But, with a little point in the right direction and these 5 handy Twitter tips for niche Twitter marketing you’ll be rocking in no time!

1. Know Your Technology

Know your technology

Today, there are loads of ways to use automated, free services on the Internet to take your business’ Twitter presence to the next level.

There are websites out there that act as tools, helping you make tweets at regular intervals, automatically follow other blogs that are of interest to you, favorite relevant tweets for extra traffic, and much, much more.

One of these is Hootsuite, which offers a Swiss Army knife for navigating Twitter.

And another is Followr, which lets you boost your follower base by encouraging activity with favorites and follows.

These tools can guarantee that your brand name will exponentially increase its presence in the tweetsphere, with constant activity and engagement with targeted segments of demographics.

Learn about ways to excel with Hootsuite, the self-styled “social media dashboard”.

Set yourself up with Followr, and start raking in new followers every day.

2. Learn What to Tweet About with Google AdWords

Google Adwords

Do you ever wonder what to tweet about?

If you connect your blog to Google AdWords you will never fail to give you data-driven advice about the most effective tweeting topics.

These can range from what words to choose from, when to mention current events, or which hashtags to add to your tweets.

People want tweets that are interesting, relevant, and short.

They are enticed to click with properly worded headlines.

Studying AdWords will improve your understanding of the most effective language with which to write your tweets, as well as the common sources of excitement and conversion rates.

Find Google Adwords here, and learn to harness its full potential with this guide by Kissmetrics.

Twitter Trending Tweets

On the left side of your Twitter screen, there are a few hashtags that describe the most popular new tags people are attaching to their tweets.

Clicking on one of these will take you to popular and new tweets featuring that hashtag.

Millions of people will scroll through hundreds of tweets featuring hashtags they’re interested in, especially during hyper-current events like celebrity news or internet phenomena.

By tweeting about a trending hashtag, you’re naturally supplementing the probability that others will see your tweet.

Wishpond elaborates on the ways to take full advantage of trending hashtags, or you could get your Twitter business advice right from the source, Twitter Inc. itself, which has built Twitter Ads to give business Twitter-users an easier time of driving an enterprise.

4. Never, Ever Stop Checking your Competition

Checking out the comptetion

Twitter is a massively open platform, which means anyone’s profile is visible at any time to other users.

Coincidentally, this makes it vitally important that you have an awesome profile, but that’s covered beautifully by Gerry Moran in another guide.

First and foremost, however, it means that you can check business-relevant hashtags to read up on the competitors in your space.

You might learn more than you think from studying the activity of your peers in the field—take note of what they write, what they link and how often they tweet.

Are they posting pictures to improve their clickthroughs?

If so, you’ll know about it immediately, and can adjust or adopt the strategies you see fit.

5. The Secret Weapon

Top Secret Weapon

Anyone who has ever promoted their business on the Internet knows that moving between websites can get boring, maddening, or even impossible.

Log in to Twitter, add a tweet.

Move over to Facebook and do something else. Log out, log in as a different account, post that…

Moving between website platforms is far too difficult, even for relatively simple tasks like re-posting content in different places.

Perhaps one of the most powerful and versatile tools of the Internet has risen as a result of this difficulty.

IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a tool that you can program to do whatever you want between sites. The list is nearly endless:

  • – Text your phone whenever someone uses a hashtag
  • – Repost tweets to Facebook and Instagram
  • – Build lists of hashtags and taggers

And that’s only Twitter-related activities: IFTTT has options for every popular website, so you can do essentially anything you want with activity on Twitter or any kind of synchronized communication.

All hail the great bird

Twitter Logo

In summary, Twitter is the best choice you can make for a business’ web presence.

As one of the widest-used social media apps, it’s got tons of reach and tons of info to study and make your business even better.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used Twitter for your business marketing or if you have but just don’t hammer it. The tips above should help to drive engagement, establish you as an authority and start to build up a regular following.

Let us know if you need any help with it!

P.S. If you found this useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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