With millions of businesses on Twitter, getting lost amongst the competition is a real concern. So, how do you make your business’ Twitter page grab the attention of your target audience? Why not create your own custom Twitter background and header? Doing this is an important part of making your business’ page stand out so you get more followers on Twitter.

Twitter Background

Example of a custom business background

Sprout Social says, “Branding is a big deal, no matter the size of your business. It’s how your customers perceive you and it defines the relationship they have with you. So why wouldn’t you want to take every opportunity you can to push your brand and show some personality?”

Here are 4 ideas for customizing your business’ Twitter page:

Keep It Consistent

Your logo, company colors, and possibly even your font – if it’s unique enough – can become recognizable to your target audience, which inspires trust and credibility. It only makes sense, then, that this concept should apply to all of your social media accounts, too.

Kristi Hines via the Crazy Egg says, “No matter where your customers find you online, you will want them to know that they have found your official page and not question whether they accidentally stumbled upon a fan site. Make sure your Twitter profile is well branded to match your website and other social media accounts.”

Don’t Forget Contact Info

Don’t have room to include your business’ phone number in your Twitter bio? Have your phone number designed into your Twitter’s background or header. Kristi Hines suggests, “Sometimes Twitter just won’t do for conversions. Adding a phone number to your Twitter background will redirect visitors who may have a specific support or sales inquiry right to your customer service team. A better experience will lead to more loyalty to your business and your products/services.”

Highlight Other Social Media Accounts

Custom Twitter header 2

Example of a custom business header

Why miss a chance to cross-promote when you can highlight your other social media accounts on your Twitter background? This is a quick and easy way to not only get more followers on Twitter, but Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, etc.

Kristi Hines notes, “What if someone stumbles across your Twitter profile when they would much rather connect with your business on Facebook? Make it easy for people to see where they can connect with [you] socially. This way, if a visitor is more likely to want to become a brand follower on Facebook, they can. Or, if they are looking for more community interaction, they can use the link to go straight to [your] forum to interact with others.”

Consider a Call to Action

Kristi Hines says, “One of the basic laws to conversions is if you want people to do something, you need to tell them what to do.” This is why, she suggests, “You should tell [your followers] to connect with you, text you for exclusive offers, submit feedback, or send in their questions. [You could even] add the incentive that there are rewards for being social with their brand.”

How to Get Started

If you have Photoshop, you can create a custom Twitter background and header for your business yourself. Check out this great tutorial by PhotoLesa.com: Build a Custom Background in Photoshop.

Here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial for creating a custom Twitter header using the free image program PicMonkey by LogAllot.com: How to Customize Your Twitter Header with PicMonkey.

Don’t have Photoshop or any graphic design skills — or just simply don’t have the time to worry about branding your Twitter page? Consider hiring a graphic designer who can create a professional Twitter background and header for you.

No matter what route you take, a customized Twitter page for your business can only help you on your quest to get more followers on Twitter. Think of it this way: Branding is what can help your customers not only remember your business but become loyal, regular buyers – something all small business owners desire.

Do you believe a custom background can help you get more followers on Twitter?

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