twitter tools


One more thing before we move on, I love Twitter so much!

Use it every single day to grind for success.

If you are looking to succeed on Twitter, I encourage you to embrace twitter like its your spouse.

That’s how much time you will need to spend on Twitter!

When you engage on Twitter, you will gain more followers to your profile based on how much time you invest to engage.

But thank God for Twitter tools that can help you on the way!

You will really need to use them to succeed if you are looking to succeed alongside the Twitter power users.

Twitter tools will help certain tasks be much easier to accomplish and accomplish them at a much faster rate.

They are all kinds of tools today on the internet that can help you with any task on Twitter.

From gaining followers to tweeting at a certain time automatically.

The tools are there for the taking and encourage to absolutely use some.

I want to share what Twitter tools I use for Internet Dreams and how I continue to grow in followers on my account.


Tool #1 – ManageFlitter


I am fully convinced that most of you Twitter users are looking to gain more followers to your account.

That’s mainly the whole point of using Twitter.

Twitter is run on the followers you get.

One of its biggest features by a mile!

Let me explain you guys what this tool is all about.

ManageFlitter is the ultimate tool that you can have in your possession.

I mean it!

ManageFlitter literally the cockpit of your Twitter account.

It does everything!

Here are some amazing features that you can benefit almost daily:
  • Unfollow the right people!
  • Follow those that are interested in the same thing!
  • Search for any twitter user at ease!
  • Want to analyze your twitter performance?
  • Powerpost your tweets at the right time!
  • Your own dashboard to manage everything else!


There is not one thing that ManageFlitter cannot do!

But the best part is you can try it for free on your own!

Take a look and use it as a free version but guarantee you will buy the pro version!

Happens all of the time!

Tool #2 – Buffer



I want to present to you guys the second tool in this article.

That is the awesome tool Buffer!

I use this tool all of the time, every day.

This tool is all about the word “time”.

Buffer will help you manage your post’s timeage on these three social media sites: Facebook, Twitter (Most Importantly!), & LinkedIn.

Buffer was initially first used for Twitter.

Then eventually Facebook and LinkedIn moved in as well.

All you do to use Buffer is you go around the internet, find the most interesting articles, and add them to Buffer.

add to buffer


Adding them to Buffer will send them out as a tweet, based on the schedule you set in Buffer.

You can create times and schedules for your tweets, and when to send them out!

schedule in buffer


Twitter engagement is fully maximized when you engage and tweet at the right time!

But most of the time, you cannot only be on Twitter and not do anything else for your site or blog.

Many other aspects are important too, as well as engaging on Twitter.

Buffer helps you out in that arena. Give it a shot!

Tool #3 – Tweroid


But you may be asking at this point after reading about Buffer, what times are the most ideal to post tweets to my profile?

The answer would be this tool: Tweroid.

You can figure this out by doing it manually, but trust me, that can take a lot of time.

Plus, many times it will be guesses and confusion.

Not anymore with Tweroid.

Find the best time, and Bam!

Engage with the most followers of your account at the right time.

That time being when most of your followers are exactly on Twitter.

analysis tweriod

Through this tool, it will analyze your account and give you back the results that you need for engagement.

And this is where it gets exciting!

The analysis report that you get back is not basic stuff.

It will give you the option of seeing your followers engagement hourly on weekdays,weekends, Sunday, and Monday.

See how many followers are on Twitter at certain time segments such as the weekday, weekend, Monday, and even Sunday!

Now that’s nice!

Before I stop talking about Tweroid, one more thing about it is the possibility to see what time was the most common time you received the most “@” replies.

To those who use Twitter, the “@” feature is so important to use to gain more attention to other new followers out there.

Tools for Twitter Success!

I use all three of them all the time.

I have stressed my use of these Twitter tools quite a bit in this post!

But I really want you to get the message!

The message is you will succeed on Twitter if you use the right Twitter tools.

I am succeeding so much on Twitter so far and how can I not stress how I succeed?

I want to share and let you guys know that succeeding on Twitter is a possibility.

Just work hard and have fun on Twitter!

If you own one of these tools, how has it helped you achieve better results on Twitter?