If you’ve been tweeting for awhile, you are already familiar with some of the more common tools out there. Many people use the Twitter app on their smartphone, or manage their accounts with Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. What other tools are available to help you manage Twitter and keep your sanity? Here are a few of my favorites.


Twitcleaner is an an app by @sidawson that categorizes your Twitter followers into groups, such as Dodgy, Absent, and Flooding, and gives you a free report so that you can unfollow people who might not be in sync with you and your way of using Twitter. Now, you might be thinking to yourself “How bad could my Twitter followers really be? There couldn’t be that many garbage-y accounts in there, could there? Could there?” And I’d have to tell you that I was astonished the first time I ran Twitcleaner! So much noise. So much dodginess. Yes, and I was following spammy accounts, too.

Once you’ve gotten over your initial fear of using a new tool, you will love Twitcleaner. Why? Well, first of all, there are the funny categories. Then you will love how quickly this app cleans up the “background noise,” allowing you to get more out of the Twitter experience and “hear” the people you want to be in touch with. What’s more, your report is absolutely free (yes, I said free twice). So if you feel compelled to donate a little I think $5–the price of a cup of coffee around here–for this tool is a bargain, myself. And if you need another reason, well, Si Dawson is a very cool guy, and responds quickly if you have a question or comment (and no, I’m not an affiliate).

Friend or Follow

This free and easy-to-use tool tells you who isn’t following you back on Twitter and lets you unfollow them. Simply sign in through Twitter and then click on the icons of those who don’t follow you back. Note: there is an hourly Twitter limit. I have found that I can unfollow about 150 accounts at one time. If you have more than that, you’ll need to come back and clean out the rest later. Cleaning out your accounts, if you have a few hundred or thousand followers is a good thing to do every few weeks.


TwopCharts analyzes the success of your tweets and trends in your marketplace, as well as shows you where you rank. For example, TwopCharts shows me that I’m ranked at #1557 in the San Francisco area as of January 25, 2013, and that I’ve been on Twitter longer than 92.46% of all users. Isn’t that cool? Another statistic I love is the Lists stat. You can use the Lists stat if you want to check on other users (to decide which accounts might have bought followers, for example). There is also a “who mentions you” statistic where you can see the icons of those who mention you. And you might want to consider giving those who mention you the most a shoutout on Friday during #FridayFollow.

Have a Favorite Tool?

Leave me a comment, below. I’m always fascinated by the tools that people use to help manage their Twitter accounts. And thank you for reading!