Twitter boasts 328 million monthly active users. With so many users, Twitter has become a conglomerate of celebrity news, entertainment, relationships, and even educational topics.

Just on its own, Twitter is a quality social network. However, if you want to get the most out of your Twitter handle, consider using third-party applications. These tools can be used for a variety of purposes. From boosting sales and building smarter profiles to automatic updates once you publish a blog post – there’s a tool for everything.

Online you’ll find an endless amount of Twitter tools to choose from. Thankfully, you no longer need to spend countless hours searching for one.

Keep reading to learn about 19 Twitter tools that will change how you use the social network.

1. SocialOomph


As the name implies, this app gives your Twitter profile the boost it needs to make Twitter much more manageable. If you’re looking to add automation to your profile, SocialOomph is the tool for you.

SocialOomph offers a variety of features, including:

  • Send recurring tweets
  • Auto DM new followers
  • Auto follow new followers
  • RSS feed to tweet
  • Keyword tracking
  • Delete old tweets

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2. Buffer


Ever worried about missing viral stories? Want to ensure you deliver the right message at the right time? If so, Buffer is a tool to add to your arsenal.

Buffer lets you schedule tweets that can be sent throughout the day. This tool is ideal for busy users who want to be active on the network but may not have the time.

Buffer offers analytics and content performance metrics.

With the tool, you can learn what your followers love and hate. You’ll also figure out what times are best for getting the most action on your tweets.

Tweet smarter with Buffer

3. ManageFlitter


Become a Twitter power user with ManagerFlitter. This app takes your dull profile and turns it into a powerhouse. The tool offers a variety of analytics, including:

  • Long-term viral activity trends
  • Twitter campaign results
  • Engagement success
  • User activity (i.e. Inactive, quiet, users without profile pictures, etc.)

ManageFlitter can also be used for:

  • Finding relevant users to follow
  • Unfollowing users en masse, such as inactive or quiet users
  • Scheduling automatically posted tweets

This tool is ideal for users or companies who use Twitter as a big part of their social media marketing.

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4. Hootsuite


Hootsuite takes several social networking sites and allows you to manage each of them in the same interface. Along with Twitter, you can use Hootsuite to manage Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many other social networking sites.

If you’re serious about online marketing, this app is a must have. Managing multiple accounts across multiple social networks is made easy with this tool.

See why there’s so much hoot about Hootsuite

5. Twilert


If you’re a fan of Google Alerts, Twilert will blow your mind. This tool sends alerts to your inbox by scanning the Twitter feed.

Set up alerts to notify you when your name is mentioned in the Twitterverse. Alerts are a good way to manage your online reputation.

Twilert keeps you in the know and allows for fast response to pertinent tweets.

Check out Twilert


Want to send automatic ‘thank you’ tweet or welcome message when someone follows you? Want to know which followers are most engaged in your profile?

If so, is the tool for you. The tool also allows you to automate various Twitter activities, such as sending direct messages or posting a tweet.

You can engage with up to 20 people for free. If you like what offers, you can pay a small fee for the premium version.


7. Audiense

Audiense is a tool that can be used by any Twitter user. From businesses to everyday users, Audiense is a must if you want to make the most of your Twitter page.

You can use the tool to connect and network with pertinent influencers. You can also determine the best time to tweet to ensure maximum exposure.

Audiense keeps your name relevant and your profile focused. Gone are the days of tweeting irrelevant links and information. Use this app to outpace your online competition.

Give Audiense a try

8. Followerwonk


Followerwonk is an amazing ‘influencer-discovery’ platform brought to life by Moz.

The tool allows you to carry out deep analysis of your followers, search bios, compare users and most importantly – find influencers relevant to your niche.

Give Followerwonk a try

9. CoSchedule


If you have been running a blog for a while, you would know that sharing your blog posts isn’t as easy as it may seem. Although there are numerous plugins for automating social media sharing, CoSchedule is among the best.

CoSchedule WordPress plugin is an editorial calendar that makes it easy for you to schedule and promote your blog posts via social media.

The plugin automatically sends out your newly published posts across your social media channels.

Download CoSchedule for free

10. SocialRank

Social Rank

Want to know all you can about your influential followers? Want to know which of your followers are more engaged?

If so, SocialRank can provide the data you need. Figure out who the best of the best is, and continue to engage with them! Engaging your most influential followers keeps your engagement game on par.

See what SocialRank has to offer


Bit.Ly is more than just a URL shortening service, Of course, having shorter URLs means you can have more text in your tweet. However, this tool offers much more than just smaller URLs.

The dashboard provides statistics for each of your links. You can see how many clicks and shares your URLs have gotten.

Want unique URLs? Using, you can create your own short domain, customized to your wants! Match your URL to your brand for maximized marketing.

Check out

12. Bluenod


With Bluenod, you can see a detailed visualization of a people, communities and tweets, allowing you to find influencers in your niche. See which users are using the hashtag and see if any are worth following.

Visualize with Bluenod

13. TweetStats

Tweet Stats

Keep tabs on yourself using TweetStats. With this tool, you can recognize social media patterns. Keep track of your tweets by hour and month. The app even offers a tweet timeline!

TweetStats is a simplistic tool for social media monitoring.

Get your stats with TweetStats

14. Tweriod


Tweriod will tingle your e-spying senses. The tool keeps track of the peak action times for your followers. Ever wanted to know which hours of the day are most active for your followers? Want to ensure your tweets are read?

Tweriod is here to help. The app allows for better engagement with your followers.

By tweeting in prime time, you’re able to stay relevant.

Tweet on-time with Tweriod

15. Klout


Know where you stand in the Twitterverse using Klout. This tool is a well-known social media analytic app that fulfils many social needs in one place.

With Klout you can:

  • Manage all of your social media accounts
  • Know which users are more authoritative
  • Share original content and ensure users see it

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16. TwtPoll


Engagement on social media is more than just tweeting and retweeting. Now you can really get involved with your followers by using TwtPoll.

This app allows you to create surveys that can be used on many social media networks. Give your followers the chance to let their voice be heard.

Use survey results to better tailor your Twitter account.

Run polls with TwtPoll

17. Pablo


Buffer created Pablo, so you know it’s top notch!

Us humans are visual learners. While 140 characters isn’t much to read, sometimes our eyes yearn for beautiful images.

Use Pablo to create images with amazing backgrounds and boost your images with catchy fonts and fun colors.

Increase your engagement using Pablo

18. TweetChat


Twitter allows users to send direct messages and mentions. However, sometimes the conversation needs to involve more than two people!

Use TweetChat to create individual chatting sessions. These sessions are private and don’t require a bunch of back and forth hashtagging.

Start chatting with TweetChat


Combining tweets is made easy using This tool collects and curates stories and tweets around a selected subject. The stories are then formatted into a newspaper-like style that makes for easy reading.

The collection of tweets can be automatically shared on your account each day.

Want to drive more followers? can do just that! Use the app to combine top tweets and put them into one centralized location: your profile!

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