moms and twitter marketing

Twitter can be a powerful tool for businesses to reach the ever-increasing mom market. This audience is vast – 14% of all moms are on Twitter, which adds up to 5.4 million. In addition, 64% of moms on Twitter follow at least 1 brand, and over 36% of moms tweet 10-20 times each day. These facts all point in the same direction: brands have a captive audience of moms when they market via Twitter. Include this platform in your social media strategy to capitalize on moms’ frequent Twitter usage. Below are 10 tactics to help improve your brand’s strategy as it markets to moms on Twitter.

  1. Build personal relationships with customers. Retweet positive feedback from followers, respond to tweets in a timely manner, and tweet relevant content to increase consumer trust. Consumers will appreciate the transparency, and it can create a strong connection that’s essential to uphold brand image and drive more sales.
  2. Use Twitter influencers to increase your brand’s reach. Influencers are so important because moms trust other moms – often more so than they trust brand messaging. In fact, 73.1% of moms indicate that they purchased a product as a result of another mom’s Twitter recommendation. Get one influential mom consumer to tout the benefits of your product, and it could have a far-reaching ripple effect.
  3. Consider Twitter’s ad platform as a marketing tool. Only 23% of marketers said they use Twitter’s ad platform. Join this growing segment of brands who leverage Twitter’s promoted tweets, accounts, and trends. Track how the ads perform with built-in analytics tools.
  4. Carefully time your Tweets. From noon to 3:00 pm has been shown to be the most popular time for moms to both tweet (30.5%) and read others’ tweets (24.8%). Be present on Twitter during this time to increase your chance of being noticed.
  5. Tweet coupons and product updates. 95.7% of moms who follow brands on Twitter do so to find out about new products, discounts, and coupons. Give moms what they want, and they’ll have an incentive to purchase your products – and ideally turn into a repeat customer.
  6. Be creative, relevant, and witty. The majority of moms (52%) like to see humor in businesses’ tweets, mainly because Twitter is an outlet used during free time. Entertain moms to grab their attention and increase the likelihood of retweets and brand interaction.
  7. Tweet photos and videos. Even though Twitter is not known for being a highly visual social platform, photos and videos can be more effective than text alone. Tweets that contain photos average a 35 percent increase in retweets, while tweets with videos average a 28 percent increase.
  8. Tweet about more than just your brand. 71% of momswant businesses’ tweets to include links to interesting articles and news stories. Share interesting, brand-relevant content, and moms may be more likely to continue following and engaging with your brand.
  9. Keep your Tweets seasonal. Moms want to see seasonal-specific content – they often interact with brands differently depending on the season. For example, general brand conversations take place more often in the winter, while specific brand mentions are higher in the summer. This may affect how your shape your Twitter strategy. Pay attention to spikes in other seasonal conversation-starters, such as indoor family activities in cold months, annual Spring cleaning tips, or holiday party planning advice as Fall approaches.
  10. Spark conversations around women as individuals, not only as moms. Most moms use Twitter as an escape from a hectic life, and prefer to talk about celebrities, sports, and food, rather than about mom-centric topics only. Embrace moms’ individuality on Twitter and focus on her interests, rather than only on her children and family life.

Take note of the above stats and tips, and consider them as you create a Twitter strategy to increase engagement with moms. Benefit from the vast mom market on Twitter and win her loyalty before the competition does. To learn more about marketing to moms on Twitter, download our free white paper.