Twitter’s 645M users are full of all types of people who take to Twitter for all kinds of reasons: to find recipes, complain about their cell phone carrier, troll famous celebs or even engage with Justin Bieber. When trying to do social media promotion, it might seem impossible to implement a successful campaign when you’re worrying about whether or not there will be pick up or how far the reach will go. There are a few brands however, who have found success with a traditional marketing technique… humor.

As Twitter grows, a number of brand accounts are finding that comedy works. We’ve seen brands like @TacoBell, @OldSpice and @Oreo gain a massive number of followers by sending out hilarious Tweets and engaging in awesome conversations. But we’ve compiled 10 more Tweets from brand accounts that have a real sense of humor, and are using it to benefit their business.


Arena Flowers used to be like many other dry brand accounts. They used very straight-forward, sales-driven Tweets which largely focused on promoting their product. It turns out not that many people wanted to follow a florist on Twitter sharing very sales-y Tweets. At least, this is what Will Wynne (Chief executive and founder of Arena Flowers) decided before he took a big risk, completely changing their account’s tone of voice. “People thought we were quite crazy. We got a lot of people saying ‘have you been hacked, what’s wrong with you? You’re nuts’. But quite quickly, the follower count rose really rapidly,” Wynne explained.

Well played, Arena Flowers.


This brand made some waves earlier this month, by creating an awesome Super Bowl Twitter campaign. Super Bowl commercials cost about $4 million for a 30-second slot, an unreasonable amount for most businesses. Instead, Newcastle created a spoof video with actress (and Twitter sweetheart) Anna Kendrick as a Pre-Super Bowl Commercial, called ”Behind the scenes of the mega huge football game as Newcastle Brown Ale almost made.” It spread like wildfire on Twitter, amassing nearly 5 million views.


This brand knows that they have toilet humor on lock. Have you seen the hashtag #tweetfromtheseat around Twitter? This signature tag comes straight from toilet paper company Charmin. They embrace their product and every pun that could be associated with it. Their Twitter follower count jumped after posting a Thor pun which they quickly deleted, causing even more of a stir.


Orbitz has a great combination of promotion and humor in each Tweet. Between making us jealous of all the beautiful beaches and untouched powder trails, they are also making us laugh. They also capitalize on events in real-time (like the Polar Vortex and Super Bowl) that allow followers to relate and ultimately form a sense of community.


This sassy brand account has figured out exactly how to effectively communicate with their audience in 140 characters. Hot Pockets are another brand that uses real-time news to write punny Tweets that have followers across the globe giggling.


DiGiorno Pizza live-tweeted The Sound of Music. Do you really need another reason to follow this brand?


If you’re anything like me, you lack the self-control needed to not devour an entire bag of Skittles once you’ve eaten the first one. Their Twitter feed has a similar effect. Each of their lighthearted jokes urges you to keep scrolling down the page. The brand identifies with a funny-but-in-a-really-weird-way character that can also be seen on their Twitter account. Many of their Tweets don’t make much sense, but often this makes them more charming and shareable. This account might not be for everyone, but their 145,000 followers (and growing) are definitely not complaining.


Hamburger Helper loves “feeding the internet and trolling lame dinners” since 1971 (according to their Twitter bio). This brand account takes a huge amount of pride in their product which can easily be seen in their Twitter feed. Even though they only have 10,000 followers, they Retweet and reply to many of them and are masters at engaging. Lefty, @helper’s mascot can be seen in a number of their Tweets, along with playful and cheeky tones (and the occasional hip-hop reference).


While the rest of North America was watching the Grammy’s, Arby’s was getting ready to win the internet. The Tweet (above) hit nearly 85,000 retweets and nearly 50,000 favorites — and that is no laughing matter. The sandwich chain’s Tweet came about an hour after Pharrell’s hat graced the stage but still ended up stealing the show. Good thing Pharrell is a great sport.


Smart Car USA had one of the greatest Twitter campaigns of the past few months. Their “Who Wore It Better” campaign turned #selfies (everyone loves selfies) into custom cars. Any follower who Tweeted the brand with a photo of themselves and the hashtag #SmartWrapMe was entered into a contest to win a new MotoX phone. All participants also got a reply with their picture side-by-side with an image of a matching wrapped car! A cool campaign, and what a great way to get your followers engaged in your product.

So, what can we learn from these awesome Twitter conversations? These brands have extended their reach and expanded their customer base by becoming more human and showing their personality. Take the risk and try it on your own brand account. Want to make sure you never miss fun brands like these? Try HootSuite Pro, FREE for 30 days!