When everyone first joins Twitter, they want more over 100 followers. Once someone gets 100 followers, they will want to have 1,000 followers. Getting the first 1,000 followers is more difficult than getting the first 100 followers because some of those 100 followers can be your friends and family. When you get 1,000 followers, you are going to have hundreds of people following you who aren’t your family or friend.

Here are some of the methods that you will get you your first 1,000 followers:

1. Follow other people who have a good follow back ratio. These people will follow you back so they don’t lose you as a follower.

2. Watch your follower count. If you are following way more people than you have followers, you won’t get as many follow backs. If you have 100 followers, follow 90 people. Then, when you follow someone with the good follow back ratio, they will think that you might unfollow them. When they think about that, they will follow you right away.

3. Tweet consistently. If you tweet in the morning, people will expect to see your tweets to show up in the morning. They will always see what you say.

4. Tweet frequently throughout the day. There’s nothing wrong with tweeting in the morning if people expect to see those tweets. However, if you tweet in the morning, afternoon, and evening, more people will see your tweets. Not everyone is going to be on Twitter in the morning. There will be people who log in during the afternoon. If you tweet frequently throughout the day, everyone has the ability to see your tweets. This will decrease the likelihood of someone unfollowing you.

5. Engage in conversations. Many people forget the social aspect of social media. Follow the people you talk to, and they will follow you. As you talk with more people, other people will get in on the conversation and follow you as well.

6. Tweet quality content. When people follow you, they will continue to follow you if you provide quality content. The spam accounts don’t have many followers because their tweets have no quality. Tweeting quality content will get you far.

7. Tweet about yourself only 20% of the time. Social media is similar to talking in the cafeteria. If you only talk about yourself, people will walk away and go to another table. However, if you talk about other things, people will stay at your table. By talking about other things most of the time, you will get more people coming to your table and more followers.

8. Build strong connections with the followers you do have. The followers that you do have are going to be the followers that tell other people about you. They will tell people about you through word of mouth or by retweeting your tweets.

9. Fill out your bio. An empty bio is not worth visiting. Tell potential followers some things about yourself in your bio so they have a reason to follow you.

10. Create a blog. A blog is your home on the internet. On your blog, you can post content and include a link to your Twitter account at the same time. In your bio, you can put the URL of your blog to show your followers that you have a place on the web.

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