Twitter’s history shows that over time it has become more and more valuable for businesses, from brand accounts to twitter ads, videos, polls and more the benefits for companies on Twitter seem endless! Twitter began in 2006 and has since evolved to become a world leader in social networks. With 500 million tweets being sent each day this platform is undoubtedly one of the best ways for companies to connect with and build their audience. If you’re new to the Twitter family, looking for ways get the most out of it, or simply not caught up on the recent advances then this is the article for you! Here I will describe all of the top ways to use the most talked about social network for your business.

  1. Personalize your content

Use Twitter Polls to decide on your next article topic or title in order to make content personalized to your audience. Limit the choices to 2 or 3 and make it as specific as possible so the users can better choose the topics they are most interested in. This gives your followers a say and a voice in the type of content that they read and will make them feel they are interacting with you, not simply following you.

  1. Raise awareness

Hype up your new product/service with Twitter Polls by asking users if they’ve heard of or like the new product/service and provide a link with more information. This will help promote your new innovations and will also give you feedback on your prior marketing efforts. If the vast majority of people have not heard of this then it might be time to offer samples or discounts, run more ads or edit your website to bring this new product forward!

  1. Engage your audience

This is where you can get creative and find ways to catch your audience’s attention. You can jump into trending topics and ask them what celebrity they prefer. You can let them choose what prize they’d prefer and then do a drawing. If you’re planning an upcoming event then ask your followers what drink or food they would prefer. Think outside of the box and surprise your followers at how clever you can be!

  1. Select only the best of the best

You can analyze the metrics of every tweet and photo that you publish to know which has received the most interaction and engagement in order to focus your efforts only on the most optimal text and image combinations. After discovering the most optimal posts you can then promote them with Twitter Ads to increase the reach and show the best you have to offer in order to get the best results possible.

  1. Geotarget your campaigns

Twitter has users all over the world but your company may not have target audiences all over the world. In order to optimize your Twitter Ads, focus your efforts on the most relevant geographical areas. You are able to target your ads by region, city, metro or zip code in a limited amount of countries as specified on this site. There is also country level targeting available in many places through Africa, Asia and the Middle East among others. To take this a step further you can specify your targets by language no matter the countries where your campaigns are taking place. If you are setting up an ad campaign throughout Europe but you want to use the English language then you can target Twitter users in those countries who speak English. This only furthers the optimization of your campaigns, ensuring you get the best possible return on investment.

  1. Pick your campaign objectives wisely

With Twitter Ads you can have various objectives for you campaign including to build an audience, increase website traffic and sales, promote your application or improve brand awareness. In order to know if your campaign is successful you must monitor the results of your objectives, which are tied to your chosen goals. If your objective is website visits then the results that will be shown are the link clicks. If you’ve just developed an application and want to promote it then the amount of installs will be your metric. It’s crucial to make sure the objective and related metric that you pick is the most relevant to your business and success.

  1. Prepare your company to reach objectives

If your objective, as the example above, is to increase website visits then your website better be optimized and ready to receive an increased amount of visits. Look at your current bounce rate to get a feel for the effectiveness of your website as is, if this rate isn’t ideal then make changes to your website in order to improve the users experience and prepare yourself for the Twitter Ads campaigns. The same thing goes for the objective of application installs; if your current application isn’t optimized then you will be running these ads for nothing, and loosing money in the process.

  1. Tweet responsibly

Tweeting is apart of building your profile and reputation on the network but it should be in proportion with the amount of interactions that you make with your audience. If you tweet 10 times per day but never take the time to reply or thank people for retweets then you’ll start loosing that audience you built very quickly. The key to tweeting is in the personal interaction and connection you make with your audience, write in a friendly way and post pictures that can show your personality and give your profile a unique feel.

  1. Create a Twitter content strategy

You should also create a Twitter content strategy that can include such posts as discounts, offers, tips, industry highlights, looks behind the scenes, customer appreciation and pictures of your team among others. According to the 2014 “Customer Insight Study” 60% of users purchased something because of what they saw on Twitter, show your audience what you have to offer while still providing them value. This content strategy should include varying types of tweets to keep your audience interested and to compare the results to discover the best tweets for your brand!

  1. Analyze and draw conclusions

This concept might take you back to the scientific method you were forced to learn back in grade school but it completely applies to Twitter Ads as well. Once you run various campaigns you need to take a step back and review all the data and analytics that you obtain in order to determine which ads have performed the best and why. No more guessing and hoping that your marketing efforts pay off in the long run, with Twitter Ads you will know your results every step of the way. Once you review the analytics and decide what has worked well and what has not you can continue running campaigns with the combinations of the successful ads and make changes or adjustments to the less than optimal ads. This process is absolutely crucial to optimizing your Twitter campaigns.

Twitter is continually making improvements to their platform that helps users, businesses and advertisers alike. It’s about time you get involved with this incredible network that will take your company to a new level by building your audience, increasing app installs, website views, sales and increasing brand awareness!