Are you finding it hard to generate more leads and grow your sales? If your answer is “yes” then you have certainly landed at the right place.

Social media has radically changed the face of marketing. Gone are the days when any run of the mill banner or ad can act as a lead magnet. In the age of #hashtags, every user likes to be treated in a unique way.

Needless to say, Twitter, being one of the major social media channels, can redefine your sales strategy. We all know it is one of the best ways for reaching out to new customers and maintaining a fulfilling relationship with the existing ones. If you look from a brand’s perspective, then Twitter can act as an excellent medium to boost your sales.

Read on to discover how Twitter can bring a revolution in your sales strategy.

1. Hashtag campaigns

There is nothing better than owning a hashtag on Twitter and making it yours. It is one of the best ways to create your distinctive presence on Twitter. Additionally, it can also act as one of the most impactful ways to run a campaign on Twitter.

You can simply use a hashtag tracking tool to keep a tap on what your users are tweeting about your brand. Follow these simple yet thoughtful suggestions while coming up with a hashtag:

  • Think of a smart yet relevant hashtag that would make people notice your brand.
  • Never hijack someone else’s hashtag. Instead, be original.
  • Keep track on your hashtag using a keyword or hashtag monitoring tool.
  • Don’t complicate things. Use a crisp and small hashtag. Don’t combine more than 4-5 words together.

We all know how Coca Cola’s #ShareaCoke or Red Bull’s #PutACanOnIt campaign worked for them on Twitter. Oreo also won our hearts (and the entire Twitter space) with their legendary #OreoHorrorStories campaign. Think of something relevant and engaging and you can be one of the next big leaders on Twitter.

2. Showcase your products wisely

At the end of the day, it is all about displaying your products and services. Without them, you can’t generate more leads. Though, you should never overdo it on any social media platform and maintain a perfect balance.

Always remember the 30-30-20 rule of content:

  • 30% of your content should be informative. This would boost your user engagement.
  • 30% of it should be related to your industry and consist of value-added content.
  • The remaining 20% of it should be about your products, discounts, launches, and more.

Showcase your product in such a way that it would tempt your users to know more. You can add a subtle CTA with it to use Twitter as a part of your marketing funnel. Etsy is doing a great job in showcasing some of their best products on Twitter.

3. Host events on Twitter

Make your Twitter followers feels how special they are by running exclusive events on Twitter. It doesn’t matter if it’s a webinar or a product launch, but by hosting an event on Twitter, you can certainly increase its overall reach.

If you are launching a new product, tease your fans using a mini-video or even a GIF. I loved how PlayStation launched its new product on Twitter with a simple yet impactful tweet.

You also think of a unique and exciting way to bring your followers together under one roof while organizing a dedicated event for them.

4. Run engaging contests

Who doesn’t love contests? They are probably one of the best ways to attract your audience and make them familiar with your brand. There are different kinds of contests that a social media manager can run on Twitter.

  • Photo contest: Ask your audience to share a picture clicked by them on a relevant theme (with your hashtag).
  • Photo caption contest: Share a photo related to your brand or product and tweet your audience to give an out-of-the-box caption to it.
  • Voting contest: The easiest of all – simply ask your audience to vote and pick their favorite choice out of several alternatives. It can act as an excellent way to perform customer survey as well.
  • Q&A: This might get a little monotonous, but if executed wisely, it can boost the overall reach and engagement of your brand a lot. Ask your audience a series of questions (say 5-10) and pick the smartest of the lot as a winner.
  • Giveaways: Simply ask your audience to retweet (and follow your account) and give away a tempting goodie in return. This is something that can do wonders for brand awareness.

Contests are one of the best ways to engage users and gradually generate more sales leads out of them. A pre-contest buzz is of utmost importance as it increases the overall impact of an upcoming contest. Here’s a simple example.

Though, when you are running a contest on Twitter, you should always be impartial and conduct it with utmost honesty. Provide a set of strict rules and guidelines to avoid any unforeseen situation.

Also, don’t simply judge a contest on the basis of retweets or favorites. Try to set up a jury and shortlist some of the best entries, especially in the case of a photo contest. Be more professional and transparent. Also, it will increase the total lifespan of the contest and you would be able to generate more leads with minimum efforts.

5. Organize a Twitter Chat

Have a conversation with your audience while hosting a dedicated Twitter chat. It gives a highly positive impact on your followers and customers. It would make them realize how responsive the brand is.

You get a chance to know what your users really think of you as a brand. It will help you solve their grievances and perform an industry analysis at the same time.

One can take the assistance of dedicated applications that can help you perform a Twitter chat on the go. Just keep the following key notes in mind.

  • Always plan a Twitter chat ahead and make a prior announcement. It should not be an out-of-the-blue act.
  • Think of a relevant hashtag before organizing a Tweetchat.
  • Listen to your audience when you are chatting with them. Give them a thoughtful reply.
  • When replying, you should never be rude or impersonal. Always be responsive and don’t keep others waiting.
  • Use photos, GIFs, and other kinds of interesting content in a chat. Keep everything handy.
  • Don’t let your chat fade away. Try to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

6. Build relationship with influencers

We all ask our friends and family before making any crucial purchase. In our society, the kind of products that our loved ones and colleagues use has a great impact on our lifestyle. They shape our choices and decisions. This is exactly where influencer marketing can help you.

Influencer marketing has changed the face of SMM and has given a whole new arena for brands to explore. It is one of the best ways to expand your audience and reach out to more people in less time.

In order to maintain a lasting relationship with influencers, get yourself involved in the game. Ask them questions and share their content. They would return the favor and help you tap their audience. Be more industry-related and always be friendly when dealing with your leads.

  • Choose your influencers wisely. They should be related to your industry and have an impactful audience.
  • It should always be a win-win situation for everyone. Give your influencers something in return. They should appreciate your efforts and be enticed to follow you.
  • Maintain a set of guidelines when dealing with influencers. It will help you keep things organized.
  • No one likes to be spammed, including your influencers.
  • Amplify the content generated by your influencers. Give them more exposure. This would attract other relevant influencers as well.

Most significantly, don’t solely rely on influencer marketing to help you create a buzz. Consider your influencers as a way to amplify the reach of your content or the overall participation in your contests.

Include influencer marketing as a part of your campaign, but don’t make it your sole plan.

7. Post informative content

As stated above, if you keep posting content about your brand’s products and services, chances are that you might end up losing traction. Everyone likes to gain something productive after reading a piece of content.

You should put an effort in order to make the life of your audience a whole lot easier. Even if it is not directly related to your brand, find a way to build a connection and add something meaningful to your content plan.

Your audience would definitely appreciate your efforts and will give back the love in some or other way. Try to come up with the kind of content that your followers would love to share.

It would drastically increase the overall reach of your brand on Twitter. Here is an excellent example of how Amazon is killing it on Twitter.

8. Focus on your distinctive presence

There are countless of brands on Twitter. Every single day, hundreds of contests are organized and new hashtags are invented. In this ever-changing game, if you don’t have a unique brand tone, you can’t really stand out from the crowd and have your own presence.

Before you come up with your next big campaign, take a step back and think about your brand’s voice and tone.

  • How do you communicate with your audience?
  • What is the overall aesthetic look and feel of your brand?
  • What colors, fonts, and media tools should you use?
  • Is the tone of your brand casual or formal?
  • What is your target audience?

These are the kinds of questions that every digital marketer should focus on before commencing Twitter marketing. In order to generate sales, you need to maintain your brand’s presence on Twitter.

It is all about your storytelling skills. Twitter is one of the best ways to narrate the story of your brand to your audience in the most intriguing way. With the introduction of Twitter Moments, you can definitely step it up and redefine your brand tone. Make the best out of this engaging tool and narrate a story with every update of yours.

Consider the example of Forever21. The brand certainly stands out on Twitter for its chic and uber-cool appeal. They communicate with their audience in a personal way. Have a look at some of their updates to know how to create a unique brand tone on Twitter.

9. Include a cause

People relate more to brands who work for a cause. Even if you belong to a run of the mill corporate brand, it should definitely be having a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). When you are posting insightful details about your brand on Twitter, have a social or environmental cause in mind.

It is one of the most crucial parts of narrating your brand story on social media. Mostly forgotten or overlooked by marketers, it is one such thing that can make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Let your audience realize that you are more than just a page on Twitter. Involve them in your activity and make them believe how they can create a difference in the world around them.

The world is full of enthusiastic and driven individuals who would like to make it a better place. You can definitely include them as a part of your brand’s corporate cause. It is a remarkable way to create your brand’s presence on Twitter. This powerful message by FoodPanda will help you come up with a unique initiative of your own.

10. Be human

Even when you are managing a brand handle, it doesn’t mean that you should post a robotic update. No one likes to get a generalized message. You should let your audience know that they are interacting with a human and not a bot.

Show some interest in their lives and get to know your audience in order to convert them into prospective leads. It is all about creating a long-lasting relationship with your customers and Twitter can certainly help you do so in a hassle-free way.

Final thoughts

Besides the above-mentioned crucial suggestions, follow the usual drill to make the most out of Twitter. Don’t forget these important takeaways before commencing a marketing plan on this resourceful medium.

  • Always know where the line is and don’t spam or over-promote things.
  • Always keep your content relevant and personal.
  • Try to be as responsive as you can.
  • Be more helpful and walk an extra mile to make your users feel comfortable.
  • Research well and listen to your audience before launching a campaign.
  • Tweet every day. Be more consistent
  • Even if you tweet multiple times a day, don’t compromise with the quality of your content.
  • Use a scheduler to post automatic tweets. This will help you maintain your pace.
  • Follow back relevant accounts. It is more about quality than quantity on Twitter.
  • If you are handling an international brand, keep a tap on local time zones and schedule your tweets accordingly.
  • Gain insightful details regarding your campaign and take more data-driven decisions.
  • Don’t use automated tweets or any bot “welcome” message. It shows a lack of effort.
  • Retweet the content of other influencers and followers. Make them feel as if they are a part of your family.
  • Give insightful details regarding your brand to others. Post a glimpse of some inside information to keep them hooked.
  • Develop a lasting relationship with influencers and use them to amplify your brand’s message.
  • Use a reliable hashtag tracking tool for brand monitoring and keyword analysis.

Don’t run blind on Twitter. It is an excellent medium to generate more leads and can definitely act as a lead magnet. Try some of these thoughtful suggestions and take it one step at a time. I’m sure you would be able to generate more sales with Twitter in less time. Use this network wisely and add value to your next marketing campaign.

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