In India Twitter can also be nicknamed as the platform for contests. Not that one complains only during contests like ‘change the name with Bollywood movies’ or when winners are chosen via unfair means. The frequency of contests increases on an occasion like Father’s Day. So after Father’s Day Facebook campaigns this year, we have witnessed brands running simultaneous contests on Twitter too. Though it is hard to differentiate most of them since everyone is speaking about dads still we have selected ten of them that were successfully trending in India.


1. #Mydadstrongest from Chef Leonardo: The brand that boasts of being the number one brand of olive oil in India has more than 400 followers on Twitter. #Mydadstrongest has been the hashtag that is asking people on Twitter to share their dad’s fitness regime that he follows to stay fit. Every thirty minutes lucky winners were chosen randomly and they were given gift hampers.

The wait is over, the #Contest is LIVE now. Reveal your Dad’s fitness secret with #MyDadStrongest @LeonardoChef.

— Chef Leonardo (@LeonardoChef) June 15, 2013

2. #Daddygiri from Max Bupa: Max Bupa, the health insurance company which has nearly 900 followers on Twitter joined the Father’s Day bandwagon too. The brand asked people on Twitter to show love to their dad by sharing his wacky advice. Cool tweets won gift hampers from the brand. The hashtag also made into the trending list and was there most of the Saturday.

Follow @MaxBupa on Twitter, tweet what fathers say using #Daddygiri and win awesome goodies :)

— Max Bupa (@MaxBupa) June 15, 2013

3. #MicromaxMyDadCan from Micromax: The mobile brand launched its Twitter contest late Sunday afternoon. Within no time the hashtag was trending at the top. The brand that has more than 13K followers asked to share what their dad can do. The best entries got a Micromax Canvas smartphone.

Here we go. #Fillintheblank: My dad CAN……… #MicromaxMyDadCAN Start tweeting no & get a chance to win a brand new Canvas Viva!

— Micromax Mobile (@Micromax_Mobile) June 16, 2013

4. #DadSaysNo from IDMA: Seems like everyone wants to be on the trends. IDMA asked its followers to share something exciting that you love but your father won’t let you do that. Flipkart vouchers were given every hour. The hashtag was pretty much up there on the trends while writing the article.

Tell us something exciting that you love doing but your father won’t let you.Tweet with #DadSaysNo. Flipkart vouchers to be won every hour.

— IDMA 2013 (@IDMA_2013) June 16, 2013

5. #FatherOfSteel from Warner Bros India: Hollywood’s No.1 Studio has been in news for their latest movie Man Of Steel and they cashed in on Father’s Day too. The brand that has close to 3K followers asked its followers to share what makes their father the #FatherOfSteel. The brand was giving merchandise to the best tweets.

We love the response! Keep up with those amazing answers. What does your father to inspire you? RT & reply with #FatherOfSteel to win.

— Warner Bros. India (@warnerbrosindia) June 16, 2013

6. #SuperDad from Rajdhani Thali: The popular vegetarian restaurant made sure that it didn’t miss out on this occasion. The brand that has more than 1500 followers asked people on Twitter to complete the sentence that is shown in the below tweet. Lovely tweets won a meal voucher from the restaurant.

Complete this: My #SuperDad is like _______________ Participate in the contest using #SuperDad @Rajdhani_Thali & win a Thali voucher.

— Rajdhani Thali (@Rajdhani_Thali) June 16, 2013

7. #MyDadIs from Westside Stores: The lifestyle stores from the Tata Group, Westside Stores had combined creativity with its Father’s Day contest. Users were asked to change their Twitter bio as a dedication to their dad, and Westside would gift cool personalised magnets for their dad. Though the associated hashtag #MyDadIs was trending throughout the day, it had many brands participating in it!

Here’s some of the cool bio’s we recd. Have you changed your bio using #MydadIs to get a cool gift for your father?

— Westside (@WestsideStores) June 15, 2013

8. #MyDadis from Tanishq: The largest retail jewellery brand in India also ran a contest on the occasion of Father’s Day. The brand which has close to 2K followers, asked people to share the lovely things about their dad along with #MyDadis. Best tweets won vouchers from the brand.

My dad is pretty cool. He just doesn’t know it. Tell us about your dad. Use #MyDADis & win Tanishq vouchers .

— Tanishq (@TanishqJewelry) June 15, 2013

9. #iLearntFromDad from Pearson India: The world’s leading learning company also jumped into a contest around Father’s Day. The brand that has more than 500 followers on Twitter asked people to share what they have learnt from their dad since they are the most influential teachers in their lives. The brand gave exciting prizes to the interesting tweets.

Fathers are one of the most influential teachers in our lives. Tweet with #iLearntFromDad to win exciting prizes. #Contest ends at 5 pm. RT

— Pearson India (@PearsonIn) June 14, 2013

10. #BaapQuotes from HomeShop18: The online retail store HomeShop18 had started early this Father’s Day. The ecommerce brand asked users to tweet their dad’s typical quotes, using the hashtag #BaapQuotes, where lucky ones could win gifts.

Here we go! For our Fathers Day contest, we want you to share a few of those typical #BaapQuotes your dad tells you. Tweet away!

— HomeShop18 (@HomeShop18) June 14, 2013

I could spot these ten hashtags and I am sure many more versions of Dad would be out there on Twitter. Of all of the Twitter contests, the one by Westside Stores asking users to dedicate their Twitter Bio to dad was quite innovative; all others seemed to be in a rush to get trended, unlike Mother’s Day Twitter contests where I had witnessed some endearing ones. Interestingly, only Micromax had a branded hashtag, while all others had generic hashtags that were used by one and all!

Do share if you know of any interesting ones that I have missed out on. And don’t forget to share your favourite from any of the above Twitter contests associated with Father’s Day.

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