Aside from videos of cats playing the piano and laughing babies, YouTube has a lot of educational material to offer (which is now easier for teachers and students to access with YouTube for Schools. The educational hub curates content from YouTube EDU, which means teachers can share informative videos from hundreds of organizations and create relevant playlists without the distraction of non-academic videos. We’re sure students will be excited about this platform, which will make learning more digital and fun!) (Mashable)

Justin Bieber is trying to achieve world domination turn dads into Beliebers (by going after them in the latest video for his popular fragrance “Someday.” Bieber tries to reassure fathers that it’s better if their daughters are lusting after him than some boy they can’t trust. It’s a smart strategy to comfort parents and provide humor, but the video comes across a little creepy. However, teen girls probably appreciate it, as well as the corresponding contest where they can submit a photo of themselves to go in the empty picture frame and appear in his next perfume ad. There clearly haven’t been enough already… Speaking of tween stars, Bieber, Cody Simpson, Rob Pattinson, and other young males have succeeded in becoming heartthrobs by utilizing the tools that have become “necessary” today in achieving teen idol status. From selling the right merchandise to having the right hair, there’s an unofficial formula for achieving fame) (Hollywire) (YouTube) (Forbes)

Life’s a game to Millennials as they employ a game-like mentality in everyday occurrences (as Nick Shore of MTV explains. They’re up for challenges, viewing them as levels in the real world. Since childhood, Gen Y has learned how to “win,” using their savvy skills to achieve what they want. After all, more than half of Millennials think “#winning is the slogan of their generation.” Shore discusses this game-like metaphor that so accurately describes Millennials and he provides marketers with a practical “playbook” for understanding and appealing to this audience) (HBR)

Thanks to technology, teens have become some of the best multi-taskers (which can be beneficial to brands as well. If something matters to them or they see an ad they enjoy, they’ll carry it across multiple mediums since they’re always plugged in. Speaking of Millennials and technology, a recent UK survey revealed that 1 in 5 parents use gadgets as intercoms to interact with their kids when they’re both at home. Parents text [55%], Facebook [20%], and call [13%] their children to tell them when dinner is ready, to remind them of their chores, or instruct them to do their homework. While kids are constantly on these mediums, we think this dependence on technology and limitation of face-to-face interaction is a little much) (MediaPost) (GigaOM)

Apple has passed 100 million downloads from the Mac App Store (since launching less than a year ago. When the store opened last January, it offered 1,000 apps, but as they’ve grown increasingly popular, Apple quickly expanded to provide more than half a million! Speaking of apps, Apple named Instagram the top app of the year. The photo platform is a Millennial favorite since they can adjust photos, apply a filter, and share them with their friends across other social media. And in honor of Angry Birds’ second Birthday er “birdday,” Rovio has added 15 new levels and new content including news, videos, and more. Prepare to be even more addicted!) (Market Watch)

The Kindle Fire is facing much criticism (as users are frustrated with the device, but Amazon promises to improve the tablet in the coming months and hopes to change users’ opinions of it. The price is right on the Fire, unlike the iPad, which makes us think it will be a top tablet for Millennials this holiday season, but when comparing devices, The New York Times failed to mention the Nook, which is the Fire’s real competition!)

And now for a little Monday fun…(check out the top viral videos of the year, which we’re still talking about as we head into 2012. From singing sensation Sophia Grace to the web series “Aim High,” it’s been a crazy year on the Web!) (Cambio)