Microsoft KinectThe awesome new interactive games, er, TV shows, er… (Well we’re really not sure what to call the cool new programs Microsoft Xbox Kinect announced yesterday. They’re more than TV shows, they’re more than games… They’re a new way for children to get involved with their favorite Sesame Street characters and National Geographic shows. It’s “playful learning,” as Microsoft puts it. Speaking of video game news, Sony announced its PS Vita will be available next February for $250. We’re a little surprised that it’s not going to be ready for holiday wishlists…) (Fast Company) (Ars Technica)

The generation coming along behind Millennials (are beginning to form their own opinions of brands as consumers. With Apple products ranking high in their esteem, Fuse Marketing has dubbed them the iGeneration. Devices are beginning to outrank content in brand appeal; TV networks, for example, are on the decline in popularity. This is also a highly influential generation — not only do their parents involve them in household decisions, they’ve got a wide social network already, which will only grow when they reach college age and take over full control of their household decisions) (Ad Age, reg required)

A new smartphone app for families (makes a game out of kids checking in with parents. With I’mOK, Kids earn points for checking in, and bonus points for adding a message or photo of what they’re doing or adding names of friends they’re hanging out with. Via the app, kids and parents can suggest what they should earn for racking up points using a wishlist. We like this concept better than kid-stalking programs that track children’s every move) (Mashable)

Most TV networks are getting social media wrong (according to MTV’s Dermot McCormack. Social nets aren’t just for teasing audiences about the next episode and informing them of airtimes; they should be for media distribution and creation. We couldn’t agree more: social media sites are for interaction and entertainment, not information) (Giga Om)

We’re almost more curious to ‘When Harry Left Hogwarts’ (than we were to see the final Harry Potter movie. The behind the scenes documentary gives a rare, raw look at the young actors at the heart of the film and how they’re dealing with their stardom and leaving behind the franchise that launched their careers. On a side note, we’re getting antsy for the next installment of the Twilight Saga, especially after seeing the latest teaser photos) (Flavorwire) (JSYK)

As part of Teen Read Week (YALSA has released it’s list of the top 10 books of 2010, as voted on by teens. We were happy to see that a few of our favorites — Mockingjay and Matched — made the list) (Omnivoracious)

Siri’s not only smart, she’s a pretty funny gal (from what we’ve seen. The iPhone 4S’s personal assistant’s comedic responses has already inspired a blog and a tumblr akin to Damn You Autocorrect) (CNN) (Siri Funny) (Sh*t That Siri Says)