To really understand my point of view, you need to watch this video first.

My dad has watched Fox News every blessed day for years, so for a while I thought I just hated it because of my own overexposure. Then I searched Fox News on Google and found a whole Facebook page dedicated to the mutual hatred I feel. The real kicker came when my friend showed me the video above of Fox News accusing The Muppets of brainwashing children. I’ll be honest, the whole time I watched it I wanted to punch everyone in the video except the blonde voice of reason, whom everyone kept cutting off whenever she made a valid point.

I’m a pretty fair person. I don’t belong to either the Democratic nor Republican Party because both currently tick me off equally, so my hatred does not come from a deep liberal background. I hate the pretentious, closed minded views the reporters hold. They even show this pretention toward each other whenever they interrupt each other. I’ll concede that human nature has a tendency to not listen, but this Muppets video shows the epitome of Fox ignorance to consider alternative points of view.

This video also promotes the stereotype that Republicans are greedy, uncharitable, and materialistic by the paranoid accusations against the rich. I don’t believe this. I believe some Republicans are these negative traits, but that’s just a part of human nature some exemplify better than others. I believe many Republicans are good people with a decent work ethic, a belief in less government control, and a belief in personal responsibility over fiscal matters. Fox News fails to promote these sane people and instead showcases paranoid jerks who think the world revolves around them. Hate to break it to you Fox, but I’m confident in my belief that The Muppets movie was not attacking rich people, but rather it was attacking the kind of selfish greed that is willing to do anything to get ahead. It was not attacking hard work; it was attacking thinking of materials and power before people, something many movies and books have done before. Don’t accuse The Muppets of promoting some new idea of being against greed with the help of inspiration by Occupy Wall Street. The idea’s been around for over a hundred years, or have we forgotten the message of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol?

I’m all for having opinions and stating them for all to hear, as I am now. Yet I do believe the news has a responsibility to report the facts, not bend details to fit their twisted version of the truth. That is the media’s ethical responsibility that Fox neglects to take into account.