College GraduatesAs the Class of 2012 graduates, they’re increasingly using LinkedIn (to look for jobs, though most commonly they submit resumes directly to the company they hope to work for. They’re hoping to find employers that give them room to grow and advance, and they plan to stick around for a few years if they find a work situation they like. Here’s a handy infographic guide to graduating seniors’ approaches to job hunting) (Forbes) (Mashable)

Even “dumb phones” can make smart readers thanks to the new biNu app (that allows people in developing countries who often can’t afford smartphones to download books, access news sites, and even browse Facebook using cloud technology. The app developers are working to get publishers to offer more content at lower costs. Speaking of digital books, how about a whole library of digital books?! That’s just what Harvard librarian Robert Darnton promises by 2013) (Shelf Awareness) (Publishers Weekly)

After a very short closed beta test, The Hunger Games Adventures social game (launched on Facebook this weekend. Now in open beta there are still a few aspects of the game yet to be filled in, but so far, we’re having fun hanging out with Katniss and running around District 12 meeting characters from the books and completing quests. Speaking of gaming, kids spend 20% of their media time with video games, but watching TV and listening to music still dominate their day) (InsideSocialGames) (Kotaku)

We know that Millennials are changing the face of various industries, but perhaps none more than (cable. More than a million people cut their cable service in 2011, choosing to get their video from services like Netflix, Hulu, and other online streaming sites. Those over age 18 are particularly likely to be cord cutters because their busy schedules make it difficult to catch shows as they air) (PaidContent)

Community colleges are suddenly cool (based on their current representation in pop culture. We’re not surprised considering the recent rise in community college enrollment during the down economy — they’re a less expensive version of higher education than four year colleges) (InsideHigherEd)

The 80s revivals continue, most recently (with a remake of “Summer School” led by Adam Sandler. It joins the ranks of “Ninja Turtles” and “Carrie.” Once again, we’re hoping this doesn’t ruin our fond memories of the original) (AV Club) (NPR) (BuzzSugar)

We’ve been spending far too much time following these two hilarious Tumblr accounts (that reference teen culture. Reading Teenager Quotes reminds us of when we were still 14 and the world revolved around us and our friends. Then there’s What Should We Call Me that has perfected creating pop culture memes practically overnight. We apologize if you become as obsessed with these sites as we have!) (HuffPo)