How many times have you run into a deal or situation that seems too good to be true? Do you ignore it or do you investigate further to see if it really is true?

Often when people hear about the Free RxCut® healthcare discount program, the very first reaction is, “What’s the catch?” So let us take a moment to explain why the Free RxCut® Plus healthcare discount program is really too good to ignore.

Skepticism is often present when it comes to anything FREE. Fortunately, the RxCut®Plus healthcare discount program operates on a transparent platform that addresses the response of ‘It’s too good to be true’.

By leveraging the enormous number of people who need help paying their medical expenses, we’re able to negotiate deep discounts with service providers. We collect a flat rate administrative fee for each transaction to cover expenses of the program and commissions paid to our distribution network, only when we save our card users money!  We created a model that is truly a win/win.  The card user ultimately wins as they are guaranteed the absolute lowest price at the Pharmacy as either a result of the card user’s co-pay, the retail price at the pharmacy or the RxCut price.  Consumers pay whichever price is the lowest.   This is the only card that will equalize a transaction at the pharmacy counter. Don’t be fooled by the other card programs.

It’s just that simple. The “middle man” or Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) is removed from the equation allowing our deep discounts to be passed along to the card user when at the pharmacy counter.

RxCut® Plus, the Equalizer in healthcare, is beneficial to all; the insured with Generic co pays of $10.00 or higher, uninsured, underinsured, those with high deductibles and those who fall in the Medicare donut hole.

The RxCut® Equalizer card guarantees that card users are always receiving the absolute lowest price possible on their generic prescriptions, whether it’s their insurance copayment, the pharmacy retail price, or the RxCut® Price. The RxCut® price on 21 of the 25 most frequently processed generic drugs, for card users, has been less than an insurance co-pay of $10 or more.

Today, more than 210 million Americans receive drug benefits from their employers and pay a co-pay for a generic drug that is often higher than the RxCut® price.  For example, RxCut® Plus recently saved a card user $7.80 on a prescription for 20 tablets of Ibuprofen Tab 600MG.  The card user asked his pharmacist what the RxCut® price was and instead of paying the flat rate $15 generic insurance co pay, the card user paid the RxCut® price of $7.20.  

RxCut® Plus can help consumers save on their prescriptions, whether they have insurance or not. That is the bottom line, too good to ignore.

There is absolutely no cost to users, the program never collects any personal information all cards are active. The RxCut® Plus card is accepted at over 54,000 pharmacies across the US and Puerto Rico.

Download your free discount healthcare card today!