A colleague of mine asked me what I thought was most unique about millennials compared to other generations. Great question.

There are a lot of attributes and characteristics that can be assigned to the millennial generation. Some of those attributes have been rooted in negative stereotypes, but most, I believe are values that will help in pushing this country forward.

Having values to push this country forward is not unique to millennials though. Each generation before the millennial generation has showcased the same strength and resolve required to make America great. There are attributes that are unique to millennials however. I’ve discussed most or all of those attributes before. They include DSM (Digital-Social-Mobile) savvy, affinity for technology, multifaceted, culturally curious, diverse, inclusive and a strong desire to impact change.

The millennial attributes that are listed above are great and they all, in some way, are unique to millennials simply because of the degree to which millennials reflect and embrace these attributes. This obviously has a lot to do with the technology that has been made available to this generation during the time in which they are coming of age. It’s still an interesting task to assign what is most unique about millennials.

Based on the attributes listed above, I would have to say that what is most unique about the millennial generation is the diversity they represent. This is the most diverse generation this country has ever seen and that directly impacts how this generation sees and approaches the world around them, which is so different than generations past.

The diversity that this generation represents is not just racial or gender diversity.

The diversity spectrum for millennials extends to life stage, lifestyle, religious views, educational levels, bi-cultural, bi-racial, political views and more. Millennials don’t just fit into a neat little profile box. There inclination to embrace diversity in every area of their lives is truly unique.

It’s not as simple as profiling a millennial as a white heterosexual catholic republican male that stands for and agrees with all the things that this profile typically represents. A millennial of this “profile” for lack of a better term, may in fact disagree with many republican views and vote democrat, support gay marriage and decide he wants to start attending a Southern Baptist church. The diversity of this generation is what often drives their multi-factedness, cultural curiosity, inclusive nature and desire to impact change.

There are many unique millennial values and attributes. But if you ask me what’s the most unique thing about millennials… I say diversity.