A friend of mine posted this video in a Faceobok group of ours and had to share it. It’s is too good to pass up and it will make your heart smile.

I know, because mine smiled.

Traveling this time of year can be hectic with all the traffic, the cold weather, delayed flights and so on.

These 250 passengers took a flight that they will never forget and received a Christmas miracle from an airline company out of Calgary, WestJet.

Westet set up a virtual Santa Claus who asked the passengers what they wanted for Christmas. In the picture below you can see Santa talking with the passengers and saying “Ho! Ho! Ho!”


The people were shocked when Santa called them out by name. He knew this because of how people scanned their boarding pass at the kiosk.

“Hello there! Is that, is that Cohen?” The boy giggled and the Mom was dumbfounded he knew his name.

Some asked for toys, some asked for clothes & underwear and one couple said, jokingly, “a really big screen TV”.

Cohen asked for a “choo choo train”

They all walked away from the kiosk with smiles on their faces and boarded the plane. That was fun and they thought that was it, but…

While the plane was in the air, 175 WestJet employees ran out and did Santa’s Christmas shopping. All of his shopping, as in, every present the people asked for.




I grabbed these images from YouTube and they do not do the video justice, please watch it below..

Are you going above and beyond for your customers this holiday season? I don’t mean a big screen TV or anything like that.

The holidays are a great time to show appreciation for the people that buy your products/services. It is also a great time to show appreciation to your employees.

I am hand writing probably 50-60 holidays cards this week to be sent out to clients, partners, colleagues & business associates.

I could have my assistant do it.

I could have a company do it.

But you can’t outsource authenticity. I want to hand write each card and I know it’ll take a ton of time, but they deserve that.

So some you you reading this blog, be on the look out for a holiday card from me next week :)