This week in tech gives us an update on wearables, another social network focusing on ads, and a Friday-Flashback1tinker with the privacy policy from social network giant, Facebook.

So, in case you missed it, here’s what happened this week in tech.

Foursquare Opens Its Ads Platform To All Small Businesses – Earlier this year, Foursquare received $41 million from investors to help evolve the company beyond what many see as a simple “check-in” app. This week the company took steps to in that direction through the use of implementing ads on the platform. Foursquare Ads will be open to advertisers of all sizes, and this strategy is targeting Foursquare’s 40 million users worldwide. Foursquare hopes companies that are already using the free service for promotions and gamification, will want to buy ads to run and gain more exposure. In addition, Foursquare hopes its location-based check-in services will continue to set the network apart from other social advertising options such as Google and Facebook. Ad engagement will be measured by how many people actually visit the location, and advertisers will be charged based on those numners.

New and Improved Nike+ Fuelbands – On Tuesday, less than one week after the Fitbit Force broke onto the scene, Nike announced its newest fitness tracker, Nike+ Fuelband SE, which is available in various neon colors, and Nike hopes it will brighten up your workout and get you moving with some of its new features.

The new Fuelband looks much like its successor, but when it is available on Nov. 6, users can test drive its new features such as tracking activities a user might do throughout the day (not just working out) and how much fuel those activities are using. Another feature, with came directly from analyzing user data is, Win the Hour, which lets users set reminders through the app and directly on the band to get to get up and start moving. The goal is to move for about five minutes every hour, something most users weren’t doing.

It must be time for a new review of all the new wearables with these new devices hitting the scene!

Facebook Eases Privacy Rules For Teens – Privacy has always been a controversy for Facebook users, but this new change has parents a bit unnerved. On Thursday, Facebook announced a policy change and loosened its privacy rules for teenagers. The change allows teenagers to post status updates, videos, and images that can be seen by anyone, not just their friends or people who know their friends (which were the restrictions on the previous policy). Facebook’s view on this, is that they are giving teens more choice in how they manage their content and accounts. To be fair, it should be noted all teen profiles are now defaulted to only let their direct friends see their information and they have to make the changes to their profile themselves if they want the world to see what they are posting. But, with an increase in sexual predators using Facebook and marketers chopping at the bit to gather information, are these impressionable teens really ready to have that privilege?

So what did we miss? Leave your comments and let us know.