This past weekend, Berkshire Hathaway’s HomeServices of America announced that the company expects revenue to increase by 25 percent for 2013.  Ron Peltier, CEO of the Warren Buffett-owned company, said Friday that the residential real estate company will have about $50 billion in revenue this year.

The Minneapolis-based company had about $40 billion in sales in 2012 and $32 billion in 2011. HomeServices is seeing rapid growth due to a recovering U.S. housing market as well as through recent acquisitions of other realty firms.  Last month, Russell Price – an economist for American Financial – told Fox News, “Rather than getting big 20 percent to 30 percent gains on either sales or prices any one year, we’re going to get a gradual improvement process that is much healthier for the economy rather than a sharp rebound.”

Credit: Commons/Flickr

As a result, Berkshire’s holding company is becoming one of the largest real estate brokerage conglomerates in the United States.  This year, the real estate arm has gone on a shopping spree as Berkshire Hathaway struggles to invest a record $49.1 billion in investable cash that’s stuck on its balance sheet.  In 2013, HomeServices acquired Prudential Georgia Realty, Prudential Gaslight Realtors, and Guarantee Real Estate in moves that signal further consolidation in the industry.

However, HomeServices’ competitive moves in the housing market are being criticized as anti-competitive by other real estate firms.  A few years ago, the company settled a class action lawsuit for illegally fixing real estate commissions.

In April, Jonathan Cardella, the CEO of real estate firm Neighbor City, accused Buffett’s holding company of bullying practices in the housing market.  HomeServices recently sued the San Francisco-based company for allegedly posting copyrighted photos of sold properties.  Cardella denies those charges even as Buffett’s holding company recently sent a letter demanding that the latter cease and desist contacting HomeServices’ independent contract and agents.

Cardella is accusing HomeServices of attempting to limit the dissemination of real estate offers for sale, as well as, attempting to reduce transparency in a competitive industry.  According to Neighbor City, which posts available properties and real estate agents in Northern California on the Internet, HomeServices’ monopolistic actions would limit the eventual sales price of housing properties.

For his part, Warren Buffett remains bullish on a recovering housing market.  Earlier this year, Berkshire’s main investor told a gathering at Prudential’s real estate convention in Texas that he remains optimistic about the industry, especially properties in the Lone Star State.

“The coming years are going to be a lot better,” said Buffett. “We see it in all our housing related businesses. We have a brick business; we have a carpet business; we have insulation. We’re in all aspects of housing, and they’re all coming back strong.”