What does financial guru Warren Buffet have to do with Millennials? (A lot since he’ll appear on The Hub in a four part TV segment next month called “Secret Millionaire’s Club” where he — in animated form — will give teens financial advice. Even entertainment icon Jay-Z will offer tips about building an empire. Sounds like a smart business move to teach kids about managing money in an approachable way!) (Kidscreen)

Millennials can’t get enough of music (but they’re not pirating material as much as they did in recent years and instead are listening to or obtaining songs in alternate ways. A recent study in Sweden shows that piracy has dropped by more than 25% and cites that this change in behavior may be attributed to services like Spotify. The New York Times reports that 23-35 year-olds are most willing to pay for media content followed by 18-24-year-olds, but they’re picky when it comes to what they’ll pay for. This echoes our recent Ypulse report where Millennials expressed willingness to pay for music if it’s by an artist they really like or want to support) (Torrent Freak)

Coca-Cola is bringing the cool factor to the London 2012 Olympics (with a marketing program that brings together music, youth, and sports. Great combo, right? The “Move to the Beat” initiative, led by popular British music producer Mark Ronson, is a multimedia campaign featuring unique sounds and young Olympic athletes as brand ambassadors. We like Coke’s choice for this Olympic campaign way better than their last teen push…ahem Maroon 5. Speaking of smart marketing strategies to attract Millennials, Coke is searching for an amateur dancer to become a star in their Coke Zero campaign and are holding a virtual casting call to find a star) (Ad Age) (MediaPost)

It’s no secret that bloggers are influential to readers, brands, and marketers alike (but as their power becomes even more prevalent, many are joining agencies to work directly with brands and endorse products on multiple mediums. The business of blogging is about to change — it may no longer be about taste and trends, but instead be about firming up deals and achieving monetary success. Speaking of online influence, the social media measuring site Klout has some competition thanks to Kred, a similar service that lets users see the details behind their score and how their every online act relates to points) (PFSK) (SF Gate)

With so many apps out there, it’s hard to find them all (which is why Famigo helps youth and parents find the best kid-friendly ones. It’s an app directory that lists them by age group and even provides recommendations) (TechCrunch)

We’re inspired by Tammy Tibbets, a Millennial (who launched her own non-profit, She’s The First, to help educate girls in developing countries. She offers her advice to the Change Generation about how they can get started making the world a better place) (Fast Company)

And now for a little Friday fun… (watch this talented teen singer punk Simon Cowell on ‘The X Factor!” We’ve never seen Simon look so upset, but we’d say he had it coming eventually) (Entertainment Weekly)