Inspired by Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign, Walmart has announced that it will embark on a five-year plan to promote healthier foods.  Walmart is currently holds the title for the world’s largest retailer and, according to Bloomberg figures, receives over 140 million customer visits each week.

Walmart executives have named the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign as an impetus for change.  The “Let’s Move” campaign strives to eliminate childhood obesity through exercise, improved nutrition, better diets, and reductions in calorie consumption.

As a response to this, Walmart has made its goal to stock healthier foods.  Bloomberg reports that by 2015, the company plans to reduce salt content by 25%, reduce sugar content by 10%, and remove what remains of industrially produced trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils.  Walmart also has in the making special seals that will be placed on products to help their shoppers identify healthier choices, like whole grains.  The company’s plans also include working with  its suppliers and asking the makers of brand name products to make their offerings healthier.

The company is not only pushing to stock these healthy foods, however–Walmart also strives to make them more affordable.  Included in the plans are price reductions that, according to Bloomberg figures, will save customers about $1 billion a year on fresh produce.  Charitable giving to nutrition programs will also be a priority of Walmart as it hopes to educate consumers about being health-conscious.  The Wall Street Journal reports that Walmart, as the nation’s largest grocery retailer, will also build stores in areas that are currently not served by grocery stores. 

With the power of Walmart and the added presence of the Let’s Go campaign, affordable, healthy food choices could be widely available in the near future.