Digital-marketing-Valentines-Day-Google-SearchHow are you sharing a little love this Valentines Day and how does the Internet help you do that?

Google again has a great video to celebrate Valentines Day when you go to their search engine.

Here are some interesting facts about how we search on Valentines Day provided by Hitwise:

  • 6.7 million UK Internet visits were made in the category ‘Flowers and Gifts’ in the week ending 11 February 2011, amounting to 830,000 hours
  • Although Valentine’s Day is an important period for online florists, in 2011 there were 4% more visits to florists online on Mother’s Day than there were on Valentine’s Day
  • Valentine’s cards are the most searched on item with five times as many searches as flowers every year
  • While Valentine’s Day is all about love, February was one of the worst months of the year for visits to dating websites in 2011
  • 3% of all Valentine’s searches are for poems
  • There were 65 unique search variations in the four weeks ending 11 February 2012 relating specifically to Valentine’s chocolates and sweets.

So how could you share a little love with your Valentine online? Here are five ideas for you:

Lidl Ireland have a Facebook competition where not only can you personalise a video message for your Valentine, you also get the chance to be entered into a competition.


Innocent Smoothies have a Valentines app where you can personalise the label to print our and then pass your Valentine a healthy drink. A great idea if you could get the app to work (which unfortunately I couldn’t).


Ted Williams, the voice of KRAFT Mac and Cheese will record your Tweet to your Valentine – you can Tweet #voiceoflove and for each one KRAFT will donate 100 boxes of mac and cheese (up to 100,000 boxes)to Feeding America a hunger relief charity. You can see the video messages on their YouTube channel.


Find out who you ‘love’ on Twitter to send them a personal Valentines day message using the Twit Amore app – I should also mention that this was developed by Irish web developer Lee Monroe. Using the Twitter API, it looks up who you follow, reviews your timeline and your favourite tweets to determine who your Twitter Valentine is.


And of you can not stretch to buying a dozen red roses, why not give your Valentine what everyone should own – a ‘dot me’ domain to help them represent their personal brand online – the every inventive Blacknight Irish hosting and web domain provider has the solution for you at their newly launched site promoting the .me and .eu domains.


What other examples have you seen of digital apps to help you celebrate Valentines Day?