We often talk about six degrees of separation – the idea that we are about six steps away from each other. But when tragedy strikes – serious tragedy – six degrees feels like way too far.

So what if rather than six degrees of separation we looked at two degrees of action? What impact would that have?

Take a look at the film below. This is not just tragic. In this day and age, it’s outrageous. The Two Degrees of Africa project aims to make an exponential impact. Very quickly.

My buddy, Jason Burrows asked 100 friends to invite 20 people to donate $25 to Save The Children. If this works, we’ll have over 42,000 people working together to raise more than $1 million. So what do you say? Can you make an exponential impact on the lives of kids in Africa? Sure you can. Start here.

Very Disturbing Footage of Drought in Africa from 2DegreesforAfrica on Vimeo.