Although there’s only one movie left in ‘The Twilight Saga’ (hysteria for the franchise isn’t going away anytime soon. Need proof? Just take a look at the line of prom dresses created by Alfred Angelo, the designer of Bella’s wedding dress in “Breaking Dawn: Part 1.” Now teens can have a night as magical as Bella’s prom by wearing dark, romantic, and glamorous gowns. We guess it’s better than Twilight fans faking engagements to try on Bella’s wedding dress. At least they can have outfits that are a little more age-appropriate. In other fashion news, Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee have officially launched their tween collection aptly called Jessica Simpson Girls featuring edgy and playful clothes, and it’s in stores just in time for the holidays!) (Seventeen) (TMZ) (MTV)

Almost all teens are active on the Internet (but recent Pew Research reveals that older teens are much more attached to the Web than younger ones. Fully 53% of 14-17 year olds go online several times a day, while 30% of 12-13 year olds only go online once a day. But a surprising 24% of teens only go online weekly. We were also shocked to learn that only 5% of Americans use location-based apps like Foursquare. Checking in isn’t as popular as it has been despite the opportunity it provides to receive deals or show off your status to your friends. But even though such services aren’t very popular, Google+ is launching a check-in service and we doubt this will make the social network more appealing) (AdAge) (TechCrunch)

As Millennials continue to cut the cord on cable or at least reduce their TV bill (Walmart strives to attract this market with its Vudu service. The discount empire is encouraging the creators of the video-streaming devices it sells to include Vudu’s service, and it’s setting up special promotions in-store. We see Vudu’s appeal in that, unlike Netflix, users can rent or buy digital movies per title, without a subscription, but even with Walmart’s push among Gen Y and the increase in cord cutting, we’re not sure Millennials will opt for Vudu over Amazon or iTunes’ digital rental/purchase services) (MultiChannel)

Social media and TV are becoming increasingly interconnected (as viewers can respond to what they’re watching while it’s on, and, in turn, networks can create content quickly during live events based on audiences’ real-time feedback. This encompasses viewers sharing their reactions, networks calculating the top tweets, or audiences making requests — whatever the strategy, it’s working for MTV and other Millennial-minded networks. They’re letting viewers become creators because if the audience tweets in real time, they expect brands to give them quick responses. Speaking of social media and TV, check out Mashable’s list of the top ways the film and TV industries use Twitter) (Times Plus)

Nike wants fans to beat the winter blues, play games, and win rewards this season (with the launch of its “Fight Winter” campaign, a smart strategy that simultaneously promotes its cold weather gear. Users participate in interactive video games which let them play as professional athletes and battle through tough weather. Each day players can submit their scores to win prizes and the chance to meet the athletes) (PSFK)

Although young celebrities’ behavior may suggest otherwise (sexting isn’t nearly as common among teens as many may believe; only 1% actually send racy pictures to others over text and while technology allows for digital abuse, parents can rest assured that their children are being smart on their cellphones) (Salon, day pass required)

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