In early May 2009, a collaboration of Twitter users called Tweets for a Cause (TFAC) generated more than 11,000 Website visits and exposure to more than 1.2 million Twitter users for the non-profit organization Komen Atlanta.

TFAC is a first-ever social media initiative, led by Response Mine Interactive and BrainJocks, formed to support the non-profit organizations that make a difference in the lives of millions worldwide and to promote the wellbeing of our nation’s communities.

Aligning with its first non-profit organization, Komen Atlanta, TFAC aimed to:

  • Increase awareness for Komen Atlanta and its mission to save lives and end breast cancer
  • Encourage dialogue and sharing among those affected by this devastating disease

The program was initiated by the creation of an educational landing page that included information on Komen Atlanta and breast cancer. Leaders at Response Mine Interactive, BrainJocks and Komen Atlanta teamed up to notify their individual Twitter followers about the upcoming TFAC initiative. A modest PR push targeting local Atlanta media, along with national breast cancer and charity bloggers complemented the program launch.

On May 5th at 11 a.m., TFAC sent out its first tweet: “8 Signs Your Mom, Wife, Sister May Have Breast Cancer:” Social media users were encouraged to retweet the message and to share their personal breast cancer stories and experiences. Multiple tweets regarding breast cancer and Komen Atlanta were also sent throughout the course of the day.

Within a mere 24 hours, TFAC significantly increased awareness for Komen Atlanta and its mission as measured by the following engagement metrics:

  • More than 300 retweets of the message “8 Ways Your Mom, Wife, Sister May Have Breast Cancer”
  • 5,000 total link clicks to the educational landing page including 2,900 link clicks in the first 20 minutes after the initial tweet
  • Exposure of Komen Atlanta to 1.2 million twitter users
  • 11,000 visits to the Komen Atlanta Web site
  • 10,000 visits to the TFAC Web site
  • Mentions of Komen Atlanta and TFAC by targeted power-twitters including @mashable, @G_man and @zaibatsu
  • Editorial coverage of Komen Atlanta and TFAC’s collaboration on, and other media outlets
  • Sharing of breast cancer experiences among TFAC Twitter followers including breast cancer survivors
  • Contact by more than 20 non-profit organizations seeking to collaborate with TFAC in the future

Most importantly, TFAC was able to help generate awareness for a valued local charity dedicated to finding a cure for one of the most devastating diseases in our nation’s history.

Author: Ken Robbins

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