Search Engine HammerIf you haven’t heard already, MC Hammer announced he will be launching a new search engine called WireDoo with the tag line “Search once and see what’s related.” According to Hammer, search engines aren’t as strong at connecting keywords to related topics – something he termed relationship search. At the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco Hammer said, “It’s about relationships beyond just the keywords.” You can sign up for WireDoo’s pre-beta here.

It’s hard to resist coming up with a list of other possible celebrity search engines and taglines. Below is a top 10 list:

  1. Milli Vanilli – They have a search engine called It’s cool, but it just redirects to Google.
  2. Nick Nolte – His search engine is called and focuses on finding good jailhouse photographers.
  3. TLC – Creep the Internet to find the best firefighters with TLC’s Waterfall browser on
  4. Sting – Sting the “decision engine.”
  5. Madonna – “Like a. . .  search engine” but different.
  6. Angelina Jolie – This search engine only searches for third world children to adopt. It’s called
  7. Bee Gees – “Search, Find” is an old school song, but the Bee Gees are breathing new life into it via the Internet.
  8. MC Search – This search engine is just simply known as “The Cactus.”
  9. Rick Springfield – Announced “Jessie’s URL” is in super-secret platinum beta.
  10. Lindsay Lohan – Court case after court case has taught Lindsay how to identify the worst attorneys in the world. She shares her expertise on a new search engine called

It’s exciting to see all of these celebrities jumping into the internet world of search. If there’s any missing that you’ve heard about please include them in the comments below.

Image: O’Reilly Conferences