Every proud parent is relieved to see their kid go to college. A badge of honor amongst the middle class, it signals an academic rigor that should signal success in the future. Unfortunately, that seems hardly the case. Going to college may be the first step yet it takes a little more planning then that. To aid the discussion then, below is a list of the top 10 best majors and the 10 worst majors for employment in our current, American economic system, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Now, there is certainly some speculation. For example, think about how many people take some form of psychology as a major: no wonder the field is so over crowded. Vise versa, think of how few people take up actuarial science as a major: thus, surely they are able to take up a position, no matter how few of the positions may exist. Also, the amount paid was not included in this article so perhaps it’s a gamble, but maybe it truly does payoff to be architecture major.

Still, the intention of this article is not to be discouraging. Any good parent also knows to encourage their children to do something with their lives that they enjoy, that makes them feel fulfilled. Forcing someone into a career simply because it is more likely to be wanted seems cruel and furthermore, although fine arts majors may face large amounts of unemployment, I can only imagine that they truly believe in the things they are doing. It is still worth noting these statistics to any high school student or mid-college student still wondering what to do with themselves: who knows, maybe you will find your calling hidden in these lists.

Top 10 Best Majors For Employment

Major – Unemployment %

Actuarial Science – 0.0%
Pharmacology – 0.0%
Educational Administration & Supervision – 0.0%
School Student Counseling – 0.0%
Geological & Geophysical Engineering – 0.0%
Astronomy & Astrophysics – 0.0%
Teacher Education: Multiple Levels – 1.1%
Agricultural Economics – 1.3%
Medical Technologies – 1.4%
Atmospheric Sciences & Meteorology – 1.6%

Top 10 Worst Majors For Employment

Major – Unemployment %

Clinical Psychology – 19.5%
Miscellaneous Fine Arts – 16.2%
United States History – 15.1%
Library Science – 15.0%
Educational Psychology – 10.9%
Military Technologies – 10.9%
Architecture – 10.6%
Industrial & Organizational Psychology – 10.4%
Miscellaneous Psychology – 10.3%
Linguistics & Comparative Language & Literature – 10.2%