One is never too young to start thinking like an entrepreneur. From selling freshly squeezed orange juice on the side of the road, to getting paid for helping your friends with their homework, you realize the value of having a skill or a unique and innovative idea. The world has seen many successful and inspiring entrepreneurs but in this interesting business article, we look the youngest entrepreneurs in the world and their passion or sheer will to do something they love or are great at.

The Youngest Entrepreneurs in The World

1. David Buckingham – Custom Alaskan Outhouses

David Buckingham, one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world took an idea and ran with it at only 16 years old. David came up with an innovative concept that he decided to bring to life; custom made outhouses in Alaska. He created them as an aesthetic appeal and to add that rustic feel to a home. He may not be making millions but everyone has to start off somewhere.

2. Aaron Swartz, creator of RSS 1.0, Co-Founder of Reddit

Another one of the youngest entrepreneurs that is still finding success in 2012 is Aaron Swartz. He was incredibly clever and got into the internet game and namely a program for blogs. At the young age of 14, Aaron had already co-founded the RSS 1.0 and then later went onto co-founding the social media site, Reddit. Among the other youngest entrepreneurs out there, Aaron seems to have an incredibly bright future ahead of him!

3. Jake Lunn, Founder of Nautical Napkins

This young boy is a true testament to the idea that if you have enough passion and interest in something, you can indeed make your dreams comes true. Jake, one of the youngest entrepreneurs and the founder of Nautical Napkins, had such a passion for boats that he created a company that made custom napkins to be used on ships and yachts. How old was he when he did this? 11-year-olds.

4. Ben Casnocha – Founder of Comcate

Ben Casnocha is another one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world and his vision has earned him millions. At the incredibly young age of 12-years-old, Ben Casnocha founded Comcate and created an innovative business model that proved immensely successful. The intelligent program provides local governments with certain tools when dealing with customers. At 19, Ben is still thriving and is interacting with large names in technology corporations from around the world.

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